Vaseline becomes a multitasking cream. Are you curious with the advantages of Vaseline? If you want to know about this, you can check the information of 17 uses up as in the following explanation.

For Lip Scrub
You just need you mix all of the ingredients having been prepared. Mix sugar and small amount of Vaseline well. Applying your lip scrub on your lips, massage for a while before you wipe it and apply your lip balm. 

For the Cracked Feet
Instead of buying a healing cracked feet product which sometimes is not inexpensive, you can use Vaseline. You just apply the Vaseline on your cracked feet at night. 

For Cuticle Care
One of the advantages of Vaseline is because this product to make your cuticle more beautiful. It is very effective way that you can choose when you have your cuticle becomes dry or cracked. Not only it can help the cuticle get a good moisturizing, having Vaseline at night will help you to get a smoother cuticle and smoother hands too. 

To Prevent Chafing
The next great use for Vaseline is that to prevent chafing. By applying the Vaseline product, it will be very good to prevent chapping and windburns, especially in winter season. When you apply Vaseline on the areas which can get chafing, you can help your skin from a worse irritation or rashes.

17 Advantages of Vaseline You Should Know
To Highlight Skin
Yes, another advantages of Vaseline product is to highlight your skin. All people especially women, indeed, want to have a lighter skin. That is why, you can apply Vaseline to make your skin more glowing. 

To Make the Elbows Softer
To get a softer elbow, you can try this idea. Applying Vaseline on your dry and cracked elbows and you will see how Vaseline can soften your elbows.

To Aid Earring Insertion
Vaseline also can help you to aid earring insertion, so that you can wear your earrings easily. 

To Beautify Your Hair
Next, not only for skin, Vaseline can be applied on your hair as well to make it more beautiful. 

To Open Stuck Drawers
Do you have stuck drawers? If you do, you can open it easily using Vaseline. 

As Eyelash Remover
Vaseline can be used for eyelash remover too. If you want to remove your false eyelash, just apply Vaseline on your false eyelash. 

To Prevent Lipstick Strains
If you don't want to get your bright lipstick on your teeth, what you need is Vaseline. Apply it on your teeth when you use the lipstick. 

To Tame Eyebrows
You have a rough eyebrow? Just use Vaseline to tame your eyebrows.

advantages of Vaseline
Besides, stuck drawers, Vaseline can help you to fix stuck zipper too. 

As A Fire Starter
You don't have a fire starter? You can use your Vaseline, actually. 

To Open Your Nail Polish
To open your nail polish bottle easier, just use you Vaseline product. 

To Make Your Perfume Last Longer
Applying Vaseline on your skin before spray the perfume will make the parfume's smell last longer. You don’t know about one of these advantages of Vaseline, right?

As Eye Makeup Remover
Vaseline is a great eye makeup remover, so apply it to remove your eye makeup. 

In this world, there are many traditions since there are thousands of ethnics that exist. From the various traditions, you may find that certain traditions are so cruel because it is what we can call it sadistic. For you who want to know more about the cruel tradition around the world, you can just read the explanation as in the following paragraphs. 

1. Maasai Ethnic, Tanzania

To begin with, you can find such a tradition which is cruel in Maasai ethnic, Tanzania. For those who are considered as adult men, they must be circumcised. However, before it is done, those men have to drink milk having been mixed with cow's blood. 

2. Ethnic in Amazon River

Amazon River is the place for many ethnics, and indeed, there are many traditions as well. One of the tradition there is called as satere mawe. In this tradition, for those who are adult men, they must do this. In this case, those men must wear a plaited glove which is full of bullet ants.
3. Sambians Ethnic in Papua New Guinea

Another ethnic having this cruel tradition is Sambians ethnic in Papua New Guinea. Not only the boys have to drink the sperm of their elderly people, their nose also will be punctured with a grass until the blood shed from their nose. Then, they also have to be beaten by many men, so that they will be called as adult men. 
Cruel Tradition Around the World
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4. Mardudjara, Australia

Then, the tradition that is very cruel done by Aboriginal ethnic in Australia. The native ethnic of this continent actually has such a unique tradition for those men. To be an adult man, those who have been 16 years old have to do the circumcision. What makes it so cruel is that it is done by the elder of the ethnic without the drug. After that, the skin of the penis has to be eaten by those men. 

5. Cut the finger, Papua, Indonesia

In Papua, Indonesia, there is an ethnic called Dani ethnic. This ethnic has such a cruel tradition as well. In this ethnic, to show their sadness or condolences after one of the members of the family dead, they must cut their finger since the finger is the symbol of family. 

6. Circumcision for women in Sabiny ethnic, Uganda

In Uganda, there is a cruel tradition too. If in the previous tradition is mostly for men, in Uganda that is in Sabiny ethnic, this tradition is for women. In this ethnic, women also have to do circumcision without any drugs.  
7. Tiv ethnic, Nigeria

Then, Tiv ethnic in Nigeria also has one tradition that is so cruel to women. In this ethnic, you will find that the women who have got menstruation, they have to do this tradition. In this case, their belly should have a long wound.  

8. Matis ethnic, Brasil

In Brasil, there is Matis ethnic having a cruel tradition. Here, the men who want to be adult men, they must go hunting in the forest alone. Before it, they have to be whipped, beaten, dropped and injected with poison. 

There are millions of nice and beautiful places in Indonesia worth to visit. However, only some of them are well-published. One great place to visit when you are getting depressed because of work is Cukang Taneuh in Ciamis. This place really can make your mind peaceful and happy at the same time because of its true beauty. 

Cukang Taneuh, as this name is known, has very little relation to what it actually can offer. The reason is because it simply means a bridge connecting lands so that the local farmers should not have to travel through deep valley beneath. 

What is great about this place is, however, the valley itself. Cukang Taneuh is known as Green Canyon because of its beautiful valley. This Green Canyon is almost similar to what we know as Grand Canyon in America in terms of geographical impression. However, there are so many different things that make the Indonesian’s canyon more special. 

Cukang Taneuh Ciamis Remarkable Canyon in Indonesia
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First of all, this canyon is extremely cheerful. The green in its name actually refers to the beauty of canyon with fresh green trees in surrounding the site. Additionally, the turquoise green water running through this canyon is also very comforting. This one is just like those found in island area, but it is somehow greener. 

This beautiful place absolutely attracts many people in Indonesia. However, this information actually has been leaked to international community. 

That is to say, there are also some foreigners who visit this place to enjoy the naturally beautiful scenery while enjoying the adventure here. The location of this adorable canyon is perfectly reachable without complicated process since it is in one of greatest province in Indonesia: West Java.

Depending from the way you start, there are different routes to reach this canyon. If you go from the east i.e. Jakarta and Bandung, you need to take a ride to Pangandaran. This canyon is located nearby this place. 
Image by
Therefore, it is highly recommended to just concern on reaching Pangandaran whatsoever. The second route from the west requires more effort because you need to go to central java province at first. From this province, the journey can be continued directly to Pangandaran. Again, the main destination at first is Pangandaran because it has been designed as tourism spot so much earlier.

In pangandaran, visitors can have good services such as staying place, money drawing service, and other facilities. This one is quite useful to prepare the journey in Green Canyon. For those who use their own vehicle, it is still recommended to stay around Pangandaran especially those who come from different province because it will take quite long time to make a journey in Green Canyon Cukang Taneuh. 
Green Canyon Indonesia
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Upon entering the site, there are actually two options to enjoy it. First, it is possible to make the journey by walking out the way, and the other is using boat. The boat ticket is definitely more fun because it does not require you to explore the area roughly. Consequently, you need to pay around 10 grand for using that service. 

Some people are actually blessed with nature to have ability that surpass normal human. Indeed, they are somehow scary, but they are actually great people who have great ability. Here is the list of those people, and please remember that this list is small because there are actually hundreds or even thousands of people blessed with this ability unpublished. Here are those people with Super-Human ability.

The first people in the list are still considered normal by far because we know Cesar Milan who can tame wildest dog ever. However, this man is beyond our imagination because is lion whisperer. Indeed, he can make friend with lions and even make them following his commands, and it actually always works – unlike those accidents reported from circus performances. 

In addition to lions, he actually also can speak the words to other wild animals such as cheetahs and tigers. It obviously makes him on the list of human with super ability.

The next person having unique ability is Liew Thow. After some question and answer sessions with journalists, he mentioned that he never had any relation with Magneto. However, it does not seem like that because he has ability to attract metal to his body with ease. 

People with Super-Human Ability
The stuffs that can stick to his body are also remarkable because they are quite heavy. Hammers and axes are the examples. Even though they are heavy, the magnetic force from this super human still can make them stay still without moving a bit.

Another ability that is quite remarkable and surely demanded by a lot of people is calculating skill. Even though we have studied math for dozens of years, there seems no one that can surpass the ability of David Tammet. 

This guy surely will get a mark in each math task because of his ability in solving mathematical questions without using any paper. That is true; this guy will just sit tight in his chair and revealing the answer using his head only. Personally, this one is awesome, more-normal, and useful than other abilities listed here.

Another great man in this world is able to eat any stuff this world can provide. Tires, computers, metals, and other stuffs can be eaten without great difficulties expressed in his face. This is quite weird because there have been some reports saying that people who ate indigestible stuffs can die because of internal bleeding and destruction. 

However, it does not seem to happen to Michel Lotito, a guy from France, who is known for its unbelievable meals. This ability is suburb, and it is highly advised to not try anything like that.

The last human on the list actually does not seem born on earth. It is due to the fact that he has tremendous reflecting that people only can think from movie. 

He actually can intercept everything that comes into his surrounding because of his extraordinary sense. If you want to know better about this guy, his video in cutting super-fast stuffs can be seen widely. It is absolutely surprising and useful especially for self-protection. 

Over time, medical technology is getting more sophisticated. It makes the people get easier in order to check up their health. With the support of technology, they will get a help in getting the medical support. However, there are still many people who put the trust on the herbal leaves in relieving the pain or even illness. Most of them think that having herbal leaves is better than taking a pill or tablets. 

In addition, there are so many kinds of leaves that can be used as the medicine. It is proven by the people in ancient time far away before the medical technology is invented like today. Well, if you want to know about the herbal medicine, there are several leaves used as the herbal medicine that you should know:

- Ashoka Tree

Ashoka tree comes from India. Indian people like to use the leaves for medicine. It has been used since the ancient time. The leaves of Ashoka Tree can be used to relive the swelling. 

When you find that there is a part of your body swollen or has redness, and then you need to break it out. When you already pound the leaves, put it in the affected area. You can have it before you sleep and let it that way over night. Then, you can see the result as it will reduce.
Several Leaves Used as the Herbal Medicine Effectively
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- Aloe Vera

Another herb that you can use as the traditional medicine is aloe vera. You know when you peel it will come out like a gel. This kind of plant has several benefit related to the health and beauty. People used to get the gel of the aloe vera as the medicine to relieve the redness and swelling. 

When you have it, you can just apply it to your skin. In addition, aloe vera is very good to make your hair feel so smooth. This is the one that you can have especially for women.

- Peppermint

Peppermint leaves have also the benefit as the herbal medicine. It brings so many things for your life. It can relieve several things related to your health, like cold, asthma, tuberculosis, and allergies. 

In addition, when you feel like you want to vomit, you can actually have peppermint leaves to relieve it. Having some peppermint tea will be so good to relax your intestines. Also, it is very good to relieve the stress because of the things that you have.

Thyme has been well known to bring several benefits for many things including as the traditional health. This kind of leaf can be treated to be the medicine for sore throat, bites, wounds, and so on. This will be so relieved when you can have it out.

Those are the several leaves used as the herbal medicine to relieve some sickness. When you have a small wound or disease, then it would be good for you to have first. It makes you get well soon when you take it. In addition, it is very easy if you plant it on your garden.

Fatigue might be something that will disturb you so much. Whenever you feel tired, you must think that there is nothing that you can do anymore. Well, exhaustion sometimes stops you of being productive. It is the things that people who start to turn 30 mostly experience. You might have lots of things to do since you wake up until you go sleeping. 

Actually, this habit should get rid since whenever you are tired, and then you can actually boost your energy still. Here are the ways to recover your energy that you can do when you feel exhausted: 

- Take a deep breath 

When you feel tired, it seems like everything is out. Well, you need to take a deep breath when you are tired. Take a breath and feel it deeply. When you can breathe it out, then you will feel the freshness of your mind.

It makes you be able to focus and continue what you are doing. You can actually do it whenever you feel so tired. Take a deep breath for 5 or 6 times until you feel so relaxed and it will make you feel so good. 

- Understand your body

Try to understand what your body wants when you feel the fatigue. When you listen to your heart about what you actually want. It is a way to nourish your inner heart.

The best way to nourish it is by selecting the food that you like. Foods can make your mood. You can even have a bar of chocolate or something when you feel so tired. It is good to boost your mood. Meanwhile, if your body says no, it would be nice to listen what it wants actually.

Best Ways to Recover Your Energy from Exhaustion
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- Find out what your inspiration 

You know that inspiration may be your energy boost. Well, this happens when you feel so tired, then you need to search the things that will inspire you so much.

This way will show your body up about the fire of desire inside it. When you find it out, then you need to grow it up so much. It will be so much good for you to have this. This is the best thing make you getting more productive.
- Take a rest when your body wants to take a rest 

The best thing to recover the energy from the inside is understand the condition of the body. It is normal for your body when it is tired, then there is nothing you want to do except taking a rest. When you have such thing, then it would be nice if you stop from what you are doing and take a rest. It will make your body recharge the energy. In addition, you will also feel so good after taking a rest. 

Those are the ways to recover your energy that you have to know when you are in exhaustion. Recovering the energy is needed as it makes you get more productive and it seems like you give affection to your body. 

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