Brain is one of the important organs in your body. However, there are many bad habits that cause brain damage and lower its productivity. What are those bad habits? If you are curious about those bad habits, you just read it in the following explanation. 

1. Having no breakfast

Sometimes, you skip your breakfast with many reasons. Actually, this is one of the bad habits that cause brain damage. Skipping breakfast will make you lack of energy, nutrients and so many others bad effects, even it can damage your brain. Therefore, do not skip your breakfast in order that you have a healthy brain. 

2. Overeating

Another bad habits that cause brain damage is that overeating. This habit can cause the confusion in your brain and also an imbalance production of insulin hormone. In short, you can damage your brain when you both lack of eating and overeating. 

3. Dehydration

The next habit is dehydration. The lack of water in your body actually will bad for your brain since it can affect the brain cells. 

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4. Lack of sleep

Not only lack of water, lack of sleep also can cause brain damage. It happens because it can affect the death of the brain cells. 

5. Stress

Yes, stress will be very bad, especially for your brain. Too much stress, indeed, can cause the damage in your brain. Thus, just relax and erase your stress. 

6. Covering head while sleeping

If you have a habit to cover your head while sleeping, you need to stop this thing because it’s one of those bad habits that cause brain damage. The reason is you will get bad air in which the air will full of carbon dioxide that is bad for the brain. 

7. Consuming too much sugar

Do you like sugar? You need to be careful, actually since when you consume too much sugar, you can get a brain damage. Sugar will interrupt protein absorption so you will get malnutrition. 

8. Smoking

As we know that smoking habit is very bad, not only for your lung, but also for your brain. The brain damage can happen with this smoking habit in which regular smoking causes brain shrinkage.

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9. Air pollution

As it is known that air pollution is very bad for your body, one impact of getting air pollution regularly is brain damage. The oxygen supply, in this case, will be interrupted by the bad air condition. 

10. Speaking rarely

You need to express your feeling by speaking. In fact, speaking rarely can damage your brain since your brain does not used to think something. Thus, just speak what you want to say. 

11. Underuse

It is a great time when you only sitting and doing nothing all the time. However, this activity will be bad for your health because it can damage your brain. Thus, you need do some exercise rather than doing nothing.

12. Thinking hard when you are ill

When you are ill, it means that you need to get rest. If you think so hard even when you are ill, brain damage will occur. Stop all of those bad habits that cause brain damage and you’ll get longer life span. 

Taking a bath, indeed, will make your body fresh and clean. However, do you know that there are 8 common mistakes you do when showering? Just check the information out as follow. 

1. You don't replacing your puff

Many people like to use puff when they are bathing. Besides it can help you to wash the body, puff also will help you get much lather. However, don't you know that not replacing the puff is bad? 

Your puff which is used for a long time without any replacing will be bad since the puff becomes the perfect place for bacteria. Of course, you don't want it happens, do you? That is why it is better for you to replace your puff within 4 months to avoid a bad thing. 

2. You apply face mask after showering

Maybe, for some people, they often apply the face mask during or after showering. This is one of the common mistakes you do when showering, actually. Why? 

It is because applying face masks in the wrong time as mentioned above will make your skin dry. Thus, to get rid of the skin dry before applying face mask, it is better for you to apply the face mask before you get a shower.

mistakes you do when showering
3. You do towel-drying roughly

After showering, you usually tend to do a towel-drying roughly in a fast move. It is actually a big mistake of you. When you do that, you can get your skin dry, so the best thing you have to do is that you do towel-drying gently. 

4. You wash your hair everyday

Washing your hair is important, but if you wash it daily, it becomes a big mistake. Not everyone knows about the mistakes you do when showering. Experts suggest that you can wash your hair twice a week or once a week for you who have curly hair. 

5. You leave soap over your body

The next mistake that you usually do is leaving soap over the body. Usually, you just wipe it with towel only. However, it will be better you wash it with water in order that your skin will not be dry.

Using body wash, indeed, will help you to get much lather, yet do you that too much lather is bad for your skin? It can make you to have a dry skin, actually. Thus, you can minimize the use of the body wash when you are bathing. 

7. You shower for so long

Showering in a long time is actually a bad thing you do. Even though you will feel that your body is cleaner, but you will get a bad effect of it. It is better for you to shower your body in 10 minutes only.

8. You take hot shower

Maybe, taking hot shower is great. In fact, it is not since it can make your skin dry and dry. That is why, you are not allowed to take hot shower too often. If you want to take a hot shower, you can do it once or twice a week only. Now you know your mistakes you do when showering, will you do it again?

Babies have low immunity in their age. Sometimes they suffer from cold or probably fever. As the parent, of course we will get worry because of that. To make our baby feel comfort is not an easy thing since it will be hard to understand what actually they one. 

If your baby has cold and you have already go to the doctor to ask the prescription, but the medicine has not work well, it will be okay if you plan some home remedies to treat baby cold. So, you can help your baby to feel more comfortable and get over from their cold.

Yes, you do not have to worry; you can start to do several home remedies to treat baby cold.  First, you can make a soup for your baby. Of course you have to remember about the age of your baby. If your baby is about 7 months old, you can feed your baby with rasam in the day. It can help to reduce the cold and also the fever. 

What is rasam? Rasam is a coup which has tomato and also garlic in it. When you ask about the original of this soup, it is very popular in the South India. People in South India usually give this soup to their babies and children who is growing up. 
Home Remedies to Treat Baby Cold
Next dishes that can be one kind of home remedies to treat baby cold is garlic and ajwain poultice. This is a very great home remedy especially for baby in the age about six months and before. How is to use this kind of remedy? the step to make it as the remedy is very easy. 

You only need to put both of the garlic and ajwain in a cloth then make it warm. After that, you have to apply this remedy in your baby’s chest. You have to check the temperature first before you can apply it gently in your baby’s chest.

Besides using those two kinds of home remedies treat baby cold, you also can use vapour rub for it. When your baby gets cold, it is important to reduce the fever and you have to use several ways for it. 

One of the most popular things that people usually use for their baby is using the vapour rub. In this case, rub your baby’s feet with the vapour rub. 

How much you have to do it for you baby? It would be better for you if you do this about twice in a day toward your baby.

To conclude, several remedies can help you to reduce your baby cold. Something like soup for babies, vapour rub, and also garlic poultice are things that will be very helpful. Each of the remedy is very easy to get and you can make it fast. 

So, your preparation for it will not take too long time. the application of these remedies is also easy. However, you have to make sure that you apply it using the procedure, so that your baby’s fever will be reduced.

No need to go under the knife or undergo complicated procedures to feel prettier with slimmer face, these following 10 simple Yoga workouts will help to trim the width of your face.

1. Cheek Workout #1

With neutral face, blow air to the upper lip and hold it for 10 seconds. Feel the air and start to transfer it to the left cheek, hold it for 10 seconds as well and do it the same with the right cheek. Do it several times. It will help to trim the chubby sides in both cheeks.

2. Cheek Workout #2

Do 15 cycle of air swishing like workout by inhaling air from the mouth and immediately close it tightly. Feel the air and transfer it to both sides of cheek. This will also help chubby cheeks to get thinner by using simple Yoga workouts.

3. Fish Face

Try to smile while pursuing your lips and hollowed your cheeks by sucking it in. The pose indeed looks like trying to make the face of a fish. Repeat this several times. This exercise will help reduce facial fat and exercise the facial muscles.

4. Chin Lifts

Gaze up by tilting your head up to the ceiling. Make a pouty lip by pulling it together and hold this pose for about 10 seconds. Repeat this cycle after relaxing the lips. Make sure you don't involve any facial muscle other than the lips.

5. Lion Face

The next thing about simple Yoga workouts is by squeezing up your face while your fists are tightly clasped after squeezing your face by inhale the air deeply from the nose, exhale the air from the mouth while also sticking the tongue out and open your fists. Relax and repeat this pose for about three times.

6. Lips Pull

There is an easy way to get younger look by simply lift the lower lip with the help of jaw force and maintain the pose for 10 seconds. Repeat it several times or more than 10 to get the expected result.

Lift your upper lip as far as possible to reach the nose. Hold until 15 seconds. Make sure the lower lips don’t move the same as upper lips. This will help to exercise your facial muscles and get thinner face. Repeat it for about 5 times and you’ll thank to one of the simple Yoga workouts.

8. Surprise Face

Try to open the eyes as wide as possible without making the eyebrows changed. Try to stare at something and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this 4 times. The reason why the eyebrows should not get wrinkled is because this pose is aimed to get your eyebrows get smoother.

9. Relax Jaw

Imitate the movement of jaw when you are chewing food. Don't open your lips as you do it. After that, inhale deeply and hum while exhaling the air. Now open your mouth and position the lip to reach the lower teeth. Hold this pose for about 5 seconds. Release the move and repeat it 10 times.

10. Marylin

These simple Yoga workouts to get thinner face just by blowing kiss for four times and press the lips against the finger. Repeat this several times.

Geisha is popular traditional Japanese women image adapted from Chinese'. The traditional Geisha image is a woman wearing foundation from rice powder with small pouty red-painted lip and high and thin eyebrows. Geisha exudes mysterious yet appealing charm. 

Adapting to create Geisha looks into modern makeup technique is to create modest, yet charismatic look complete with colorful kimono and bun hair. If you are interested to adapt Geisha look to your modern make up, these simple steps are easy and give satisfying result.

1. Apply Bintsuke Abura

Bintsuka Abura is a substance made of oil-like material that acts as the adhesive foundation for the white powder to apply. 

If you want to apply the white powder down to the collarbone, use make up brush to apply it to the face, neck, and upper chest. It is better to do the make up in a cool or air-conditioned room to prevent the heat to stimulate sweats. You may as well not to eat oily stuff before applying the makeup.

Simple and Chic Tips to Create Geisha Look

After applying Bintsuke Abura, it's time to 'whiten' the face and in order to create Geisha looks is by applying white foundation. The foundations as well the lightest variant in foundation as to create the rice powder like color. 

Apply it to the face using make up brush, as well as to the neck and upper chest. Leave the nape free and draw V shape since nape is considered the erotic part in Japan. For darker skin, you may as well use tone corrector to lighten the skin before applying white powder.

3. Draw and Paint the Eyes and Eyebrows

To create Geisha looks has more arched eyebrows and red shadow around the eyes. To draw the eyebrow, use charcoal or black eye pencil over the white-covered original eyebrow. Be careful when drawing it, make sure you look up to the model or picture as make up guide. 

After that, add red shadow to the eyes. The red should also tinted a bit on the eyebrows. The amount of redness depend on the maturity. The more mature a Geisha is, the less red is used for thr eyes.

create Geisha looks

Lips of Geisha always drawn to be small but voluptuous ones. To paint the lip, make sure the lips is also covered in white powder. The color of the lips is in brighter shade of red than the one used for the eyes. 

The cherry red color exudes femininity and sensuality. Draw small lips from the center of the lips. Use brush for maximum result. The traditional one is made of safflower extract, but you can use cherry red, or bright red shade to substitute it.

The Geisha look will be perfect with the Japanese women traditional hair style that use decorated chopstick to create bun. 

You can ask your friend to help you get the hairstyle. You can also use hairpin to tighten the style to not get messed up. For the final touch, wear your special kimono and now you are already know to create Geisha looks.

Many busy people with a lot of activities, works, and assignments should stay up late or even until the sunshine comes and greet them the next day that makes them have no proper sleeps. These kind of people usually have no time to be aware of their looks after a sleepless night. 

The bad news is, the aftermath after having lack of sleep can be seen clearly upon your physical appearance, such as dark circles under the eyes, or puffy eyes because you don’t know how to stay fresh. Besides bad outer looks, your healthy can be damaged as well. To trick your aftermath slepless night, you can follow some tips below.

1. Remove The Puffy Eyes

To get rid off your puffy eyes after a slepless night, you can take 2 spoons of coffee powder and put it on freezer. 

After about 15 minutes, go check for a more solid and cool coffee powder. After that, you can place the 2 spoons with the cold coffee powder to your eye sockets for several minutes. To cover it, you can apply a brigthening cream around your eyes sockets for rehydrating.

How to Stay Fresh Even After Sleepless Night
2. Take a shower

You cannot leave without taking a shower after a sleepless night. You absolutely need a shower, especially with warm water. It will relax you and totally wake up the sleepy you. That’s the simplest way of how to stay fresh after you stay awake for a night.

3. Apply Massive Mosturizer

When you have sleepless nights, your skin experience dehydration which means it lost a lot of water supply. To rehydrate your dehydrated skin, you can apply massive mosturaixer to keep your skin moist.

4. Get An Eyelash Curler

For women, if you don’t know how to stay fresh and want to look more fresh even after a lack of sleeping experience, find your eyelashes curler immediately. 

By curling your eyelashes, your eyes will look wider and brighter. It is better for you to apply a mascara to your eyelashes, for it will increase the volume of your eyelashes and makes them more alive. Believe me, no more zombie look!

How to Stay
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5. Be Colorful

To enhance and brighten your looks and day after a sleepless night, you can start to be a colorful person. If you dislike bright shirt’s color, you have to forget it and do yourself a favor once. Pick a shirt with bright color. It will brighten your appearance for sure. For the dark circle, you can always put on a bright concealer. 

Moreover, for women, you can also highlight your cheeks with bright-pinky blush-on to create a fresh and pretty.Put also a bright lipstick to make for more lively looks of the day. Don’t forget to drink much water to make you more alive and vibrant!

Those 5 tips are a very simple ways of how to stay fresh look even after you are having a lack of sleeps. The thing is, if you have a sleepless nights, you have to start managing your time wisely and be more concern about your time of sleeping. 

In that way only you can have a proper and enough sleeps. But, if one day you cannot avoid sleepless night, you can always try those 5 simplest things to make you look fresh even after a sleepless night.

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