Semarang is one of the largest city in Indonesia. As the capital city of Center Java, Semarang plays such an important role in the Java Island and Indonesia in general. In the other hand, Semarang also can offer you with the amazing trip experiences. 

There're various popular tourist destination in Semarang. You can find the historical architecture, beautiful scenery and so many delicious foods. To know more about this big city, you can read the article below

Lawang Sewu

Popular Tourist Destination In Semarang
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Lawang sewu is one of the most popular and interesting tourist destination in Semarang. Lawang sewu means 1 hundred doors in Javanese Language. This building is named so since it has so many doors and large windows which look like door. 

However, the doors in Lawang Sewu don't reach the actual number of a hundred. Lawang sewu will give you an old building view from colonial stage. Its old-fashioned architecture makes Lawang sewu as both the historical and unique building.  Lawang sewu previously was made as the office for Netherland’s private train company. 

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In the colonial stage, the basement of this building is used as prison as well. This makes Lawang Sewu famous for its magical attraction. There're some scary spots inside this building. 

Lawang sewu has been used as the setting of many horror TV programs. It's believed also that there're many people killed in this place during the war period. If you want the unique pleasure in your trip, Lawang sewu can be your great choice.
Culinary Visit

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Culinary can be your next interesting tourist destination in Semarang. Semarang's foods are one the tastiest food in Indonesia. The first and mandatory cuisine you need to taste is Lumpia Semarang. This authentic Semarang food has both sour and sweet flavor that blend perfectly. You can get the crunchy texture from its rebung. 

Another authentic food from Semarang is Tahu Pong. This basically the crispy fried tofu with petis sauce. This dish is better served hot with egg and shrimp as the complementary dishes. You can find other tasty foods in Semarang like Tahu Bakso (meatball tofu), Bandeng, wingko babat, and many more.

The Great Mosque of Central Java

The great mosque of central java is the next great choice for spending your time in Semarang. This place has been commonly known as the interesting tourist destination in Semarang. Great mosque of central java was opened for public in 2006. With the 10-hectare area, this large mosque can carry up to 16 thousand Muslims. 

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You will see such a mesmerizing view of authentic Javanese architecture with the mix of Islamic and European style. 

Fortunately, you can also visit the exciting museum inside this building. In this museum, you will learn much about Islamic culture, especially how Islam emerged in Indonesia a long time ago. You should also visit its famous Al Husna tower with the 99 m height. 

You can see the great view of Semarang city on the top of this tower. There is also the comfy restaurant where you can relax yourself with the amazing view of Semarang city

Umbul Sidomukti

If you prefer to see the natural scenery, you can choose umbul sidomukti. This place has become one of the most favorite holiday destination for many families. 

Umbul sidomukti is basically nature tourism with the famous large natural pool. In this spot, you can swim with the amazing view of mount. Ungaran. With the fresh weather, you can surely relax and refresh your mind here. 

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You can also try your adrenaline in its popular flying fox facility on the hill of Ungaran. This is said as the highest flying fox spot in Indonesia. With the mesmerizing view of mountain, this spot will give such a remarkable experience for you. If you want another challenge, you can try to take nature adventure using ATV.

Actually, you can find other interesting tourist destination in Semarang, like Semarang’s old city, Jamu Nyonya Meneer Museum, Johar Market and many more. With these amazing places, Semarang can serve you as the great trip option. 

Leak and Bali are two things that cannot be separated. Leak is a mystical side of people in Bali. What is Leak actually? It is described as spirits having the terrible form. Actually talking about Leak in Bali is something prohibited. Someone who has the ability about Leak cannot be asked to talk about Leak. 

In other words, it is prohibited to talk about Leak t someone we do know well in Bali because it is taboo. The famous story of Leak in Bali is related to two names. They are Rangda and Celuluk. Rangda is the leader of Leak. His has very scary face. He has a face with bulging eyes, long canine teeth, and tongue sticking to the feet. He usually brings the white cloth in his hand. 

He usually comes up in the Pura Dale. On the certain day, he will come up, and if someone sees Rangda, he or she will be sick for three days. Someone who touch the white cloth of Rangda will die. It is told that if someone sees Rangda, it is better for him or her to run fast to the far place. 

If he or she is lucky, he or she will live longer. Moreover, Celuluk is the followers of Rangda. The characteristic of Celuluk is that he has hollow eyes, big teeth, and bald. Although he has scary face, he cannot kill people. 

The History of Leak

The historical story of Leak in Bali was started during the reign of Airlangga. In East Java, there was a widow named Dayu Datu from Girah village. This village was located in the coastal area of Kediri Kingdom. 

The Historical Story of Leak In Bali

She was very strong and invulnerable. Then, she was known as Calon arang. She was the first person who writes Pangleakan witchcraft. She wrote all ability in witchcraft in a book and by her followers, it was Calonarang book. Then, Empu Bharadah was able to defeat her and kill her so that her witchcraft was not widespread. However, her followers were not killed so that they could flee to Bali. 

Finally they preserved the witchcraft which is taught by their teacher, Dayu Datu, in Bali. They also tried to write what they had memorized and understood about Calonarang book. However, they could not memorize all Calonarang book. They just wrote a half of Calonarang book.  
The Levels of Leak

There are three levels of Leak in Bali. These levels can be known from the form when becoming Leak. The first is the basic level. In this level, Leak can identified in form of animals such as pig, monkey, goat, dog, etc. the second is the middle level. It can be identified in the form of birds which can fly. 

leak bali

These birds are very dangerous because they have poisonous claws and there is fire in their eyes. The third is the highest level of Leak. In this level, Leak can be Bade. It is tower to bring the corpse that has twenty one steps. The tower is full of fire. 

Dragon fruit is originally from Mexico, Central America. People there call it as Pitaya. Then, where is the name of dragon. Dragon name is taken from Vietnamese who believe that this fruit is blessed so that they place this fruit between two dragons. Then, many people call it as dragon fruit. 

Actually dragon fruit is suitable to be consumed by all ages. It is suitable for babies, children, adult, and old people. Dragon fruit is rich in nutrients, and vitamins. Fiber in this fruit has great benefits for digestion, and it can regulate the levels of blood sugar. Moreover, black seeds of dragon fruit contain the essential fatty acid. 

These substances make dragon fruit very good for the health of the body so that it is appropriate to consume this fruit every day. In other word, good benefits of dragon fruit for the health are suitable for the body. 

Actually there are four types of dragon fruit. Those types can be simplified as follows: two types which have the red meat with the red or the pink color and two types which have the white meat with the red or yellow color. Those four types of dragon fruit basically have the good benefits for the health. The followings are some benefits of dragon fruit as follows:

Dragon Fruit and Its Benefits for Health
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It can Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases. This disease is very difficult to cure. It is said that it is better to prevent than to cure. Dragon fruit can be used as one of the ways to prevent the cancer. You can consume this fruit regularly. Dragon fruit is very rich of Vitamin C. 

This vitamin is one of the main antioxidant which is able to prevent cell damage/DNA caused by the free radicals. Actually the cancer is caused by the free radicals. Therefore, one of health benefits of dragon fruit is that it can prevent the cancer. 
It is good for Heart

The next advantage of the dragon fruit for the health is to keep the health of the heart. It can decrease the amount of bad cholesterol, and it can also increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body. It contains Phytochemical Captin which can keep the heart health. Phytochemical Captin is usually used to cure the heart problem, and you get it through dragon fruit naturally. 

It can Prevent Diabetes 

Although dragon fruit contains sugar, the fiber of this fruit is high so that dragon fruit is very useful to prevent and to cure diabetes. Moreover, it contains vitamin B3 which can help to prevent diabetes, especially type 1 and type 2. Both are the types that are usually suffered by people. Therefore, the useful benefits of dragon fruit for health make this fruit is recommended to consume. 

dragon fruit for the health
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It can Keep the Health of Eyes

The last benefit of dragon fruit for the health is that it is very effective to keep the health of the eyes. It contain beta carotene which I very useful for the eyes, so it can be used as one of the alternative choice to keep the health of eyes if you feel bored in consuming carrot or others which contain beta carotene. 

The Last Advantage

Dragon fruit can be the alternative solution for cough and asthma disease. This fruit will not cure these diseases entirely, but it can surely reduce your cough and any other respiration issues. With the high vitamin C containment, dragon fruit can improve your immune system so that you won’t get sick easily.

Diet is one of the most important mater that can affect your health and emotion. The good and proper diet can make your body healthier and your life better. Sugar is one of popular ingredient which is commonly found in many different meals. It’s almost hard for you to live without sugar. 

However, the high consumption of sugar is not really good for your health. To start the better life, I believe that you should try the one-week diet without sugar. Here’re the tips for you who want to do this kind of diet.  

Avoid processed foods  

The first thing to need to do in this how to live without sugar for a whole week list is by avoiding the processed meals. 

One simple tips for avoiding sugar consumption in your body is by consuming the non-canned foods and beverages. It's better for you to avoid the consumption of processed foods like processed canned soup, frozen processed foods, low fat meals and many more. 

How To Live Without Sugar for a Whole Week
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These foods will contain the high level of sugar and sodium that can possibly harm your body. To run this non-sugar diet, you should try to consume the home made foods. For the vegetables supplies, you should choose the fresh or frozen veggies instead of canned veggies.

No junk foods

Most people in big city tend to have meal in the popular restaurant or cafe. These popular restaurants commonly serve the junk food which contains high sodium and sugar. To live without sugar, you can choose to bring food from house which is much healthier than the junk foods served in the popular restaurant. 

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You also need to select the restaurant which serves homemade foods which have minimum level of sugar and sodium. There're currently many caterings which offer homemade healthy foods. You can pick this choice as an alternative of mainstream restaurants and cafes.

Healthy snack

Diet without sugar doesn’t mean that you can’t eat snack. You can choose the healthy snack, such as plain nuts with the addition of little bit salt if you want. 

You can replace the sweet snacks like candies, chocolate or cake with the natural sweet foods like fresh fruit or natural nut jam. This menu will help you maintaining your no sugar diet program.
Natural seasoning

The next thing you need to do in how to "live without sugar" for a whole week is using the natural seasoning to your food. 

To make your foods tasty, you don’t have to use the sugar or salt. Instead, you can use the natural seasonings like onions, curry, chili or hot paper. These natural ingredients can make your dish delicious without any sugar added. It’s simpler and healthier of course.

Live Without Sugar
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The most important thing you need to remember in applying this no sugar in a week diet is the consistency. 

You should commit to yourself that you will follow this diet plan without consuming any sugar. Plus, you should do the other healthy activities like doing sport, and having enough sleep and rest. If you can continue this diet, I’m sure that you can get healthy body and healthy mind as well.

Indonesia is a rich country not only in natural capital but also in many traditions. We can see that all places in Indonesia have their own traditions that are different each other. In this occasion, I will give the example of tradition that is held in Bali. Of course this island is very famous not only in Indonesia itself but also in the world. 

If people from foreign countries hear about Indonesia, many of them think automatically about Bali. This Island is well-known as an island which has many unique traditions. Every part related to Bali Island can attract the tourists from foreign countries. One thing that makes many tourists attract in Bali is that they can involve directly toward the traditions that people do. 

There is a "unique tradition Omed-omedan in Bali, Indonesia". This tradition is held once a year after Nyepi. That tradition is held in Sesetan village, and of course just in that village. Omed-omedan comes from the word omed that means “to pull”.  

Omed Omedan A Unique Tradition From Bali
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Therefore, Omed-omedan means 'to pull one another'. In other word, Omed-omedan is a tradition where a man and a girl are raised. Then, both of them hug and kiss one another. Kissing? Yes, kissing one another. That is a fact.

The History of Omed-Omedan Kissing Festival

The unique tradition Omed-omedan in Bali, Indonesia was held since a long time ago. Firstly this unique tradition was held by the people from Puri Oka, a kingdom in Bali. 

After celebrating Nyepi, the people from Puri Oka did the celebration named Omed-omedan. They were very enthusiastic in celebrating Omed-omed. Then, that celebration became noisy. 

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At that moment, the king of Puri Oka kingdom was sick. The king was very angry because the celebration was very noisy. Then, he came out to see the celebration. He would scold his people. However, after seeing the celebration, Omed-omedan, he felt better and became healthy. 

Then, the king did not scold his people and allowed the people to celebrate Omed-omedan. Since then, that tradition is held regularly every year. Some people believe that if this tradition is not held every year, something worst will happen. 

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In 1970, Omed-omedan was not held because of a certain reason. Then, there was an incident. There were two pigs that fight in the yard of Pura. Both pigs got a serious wound. 

Later, both disappeared. People thought that it could be a bad sign. Because of that incident, Omed-omedan is held again until now. 
The Steps in Celebrating Omed-omedan:

As stated before, this unique tradition Omed-omedan in Bali, Indonesia is held once a year. This tradition is not held just hugging and kissing. However, there are some steps to do. Firstly, there is a certain ritual to do. Then, Barong bakung dancing is performed to recall the incident of two pigs that fought one another. 

History of Omed Omedan Kissing Festival
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After that, the people are divided into two groups: first group consists of young men, and the second group consists of young girls. Both group line up face to face. Then, two people, man and girl, will be selected alternately, lifted up, and paraded in the front position. 

After that, they hug and kiss one another. When they do so, each group will pull to separate one another. If they cannot be separated, they will be flushed with water. 

Omed omedan Videos

Food is one of the most important matter which is highly considered by most people. We always want to choose the best food which can make us healthier. However, there’re actually many myths about foods that have been believed as the true fact by many people since a long ago. 

These myths can possibly give the bad effect to our health instead. To make you know the truth about foods you consume, these are the top "nutrition and food myths busted".

Egg can raise your body's cholesterol level

It's known that egg can contain up to 200 mg cholesterol in one serving. It's said that this high cholesterol containment can disrupt your heart function. In fact, consuming the cholesterol foods will not directly raise the cholesterol level in your body. Researches show that only 30% people who get the enhanced level of cholesterol in their body after eating the cholesterol meals. 

Research from Harvard also proves that consuming egg will not raise the possibility of getting heart attack disease. Consuming eggs are proven to improve the good cholesterol level in your body. This is one of the most popular 13 nutrition and food myths busted that you really need to know.

Avoid cheese consumption

This is also the myth that you shouldn’t believe. Cheese is the biggest calcium source. It also contains protein, linoleate acid and fat which have the anti-cancer substances. Consuming cheese can also save your heart. For healthier choice, you can pick the low fat cheese in your diet.

13 Nutrition and Food Myths Busted
Fresh vegetables are better than frozen vegetables

There are currently many people who avoid to consume frozen veggies because they assume that frozen veggies contain less vitamin than the fresh one. In fact, this assumption is only a myth. 

Frozen veggies may contain more nutrition since these foods are frozen after they are cultivated. The frozen vegetables are not put in the supermarket for many days before they are purchased by consumer.

Pure honey won’t be surrounded by ants

Naturally, ants will get closer to the sweet foods, including honey. If the liquid level contained in honey is low, ant can’t absorb honey liquid from this honey. But if the liquid level in honey is more than 22%, ant will come closer to the honey. 

However, the bitter honey with the very low level of liquid will not be surrounded by ants since it’s not sweet. 

Carbohydrate will be stored as fat in human’s body

The truth is every over-consumed food will be stored as fat in your body. It’s not only the carbohydrate. Calories amount contained in carbohydrate actually equals to the calories level of protein. But carbo will make you more full than the protein. 

So, it’s not true if you limiting carbo if you want to get slimmer. You should limit the overall calories level you consume every day. 

Eat in small portion and frequent time

Eating the small portion meals in frequent time tends you to eat more instead. You also need to remember that small portion meal can also contain more calories than the normal portion meal. So, it’s recommended for you to eat the proper portion of foods in normal eating times (morning, day and night)

French fries won’t make you fat

Consuming French fries, even in the small portion, has been proven can increase your weight. This meal is said to be the fastest meal that can increase human’s body weight.

Sea salt is better than the normal salt

This is the untrue statement. Both sea salt and ordinary salt contain half of sodium and half of chloride. They only have the different color but still have the same containment.

Organic foods are healthier 
Some studies about organic foods still reveal the inconsistent results. There’s research that shows that vitamin c contained in organic tomato is higher than normal planted tomato. 

On the other side, some studies show that there’s no significant differences of nutrient contained in organic foods compared to normal foods. The nutrient contained in food actually is determined by how long that food is planted and how long it has been displayed on the market’s food rack. 

Eating above 8pm is not allowed

This is also the popular myth of eating. Eating will not depend on the time you have meal, but it will depend on the food you consume, amount of meal you eat and activities you do along the day. 

These 3 factors will influence your weight for sure. This because anytime you eat, your body will store the excess calories in the form of fat. If you want to have meal at night, you need to consider how much calories that you've taken at that day. 

Eating shrimp with vitamin c will get you poisoned

Yes, this is just another popular myth about food that you don’t have to believe. Shrimp with vitamin C won’t create the arsenic poison. In fact, vitamin c contains antioxidant which can neutralize the cholesterol contained in shrimp. So it’s absolutely safe for combining shrimp with vitamin C. 

Chocolate will cause acnes problem

Actually it’s not the chocolate that can cause acnes in your skin. It’s the sugar that creates acnes. The good quality chocolate is actually good for your body since it contains phenylalanine, popularly known as ‘love hormone’, which is secreted when you’re in love. 

nutrition and food myths busted

Alcohol can boost your appetite

There're also myth about drinking alcohol which is associated with your appetite. In fact, drinking alcohol will give the bad impact for the heavy alcohol drinker. These heavy drinkers tend to eat the bad nutrient foods. Consuming alcohol drinks also can improve the possibility of getting lack of protein, calcium, vitamin and riboflavin disorders. 

Actually there’re many other myths about foods that should be included in these 13 nutrition and food myths busted list. The key to avoid these myths is by keep reading to many trusted sources. You also need to ask for doctor or nutrient specialist for the trusted facts about foods and nutrients.  

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