Being overweight is not a fun thing to happen. The reason is obviously because it is possible to get catch so many diseases particularly those related to blood stream. Diabetes is one of the disease that is closely related to overweight, and this disease has taken millions of people’s lives every year. 

This problematic thing should be stopped, and it begins with fighting overweight. Fighting overweight is, unfortunately, not as easy as it says. 

It requires changes from inside consistently. Typically, formal medications do not help too much because of lifestyle that is still becomes obstacle in losing weight. Well, that is why you need to know what to do when you are overweight.

From that point, it is clearly that one thing that should be concerned when overweight is the intention or willingness to lose weight. Some people may not have great passion to lose weight because they do not know exactly the future effect. 

Additionally, people tend to realize that being overweight is bad later in life where they cannot reverse anymore. Therefore, before it is too late, it is necessary to make up your mind to lose weight until it states ideal – at least based on BMI. Asking friend or family to help you in the process is also recommended since they can remind you the importance of being ideally weighed. 

What to Do When you are Overweight
There are two things that can be done to fight your overweight. First of all, it is all about diet. When we talk about diet, it is not something that makes you super slim but painful. However, it is all about personal control to take only necessary nutrients needed by your body. One greatest enemy that should be concerned is all about calories. 

The more calories taken, the more they make your body fat. The chance is even greater particularly for those who have fat genes in their cells. With that kept in mind, it is advised to know exactly what should be eaten or not.

The good rule of thumb about this matter is staying away from instant foods, processed foods, and unhealthy carbs. While avoiding those unnecessary nutrients, it is also necessary to eat healthier foods to make the diet works charmingly. Some good foods for losing weight are those that will make you full quickly while giving a bunch of nutrients needed. 

Some of those examples are whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. There are so many information about dietary foods dedicated for managing those foods daily, and picking one diet plan is an excellent idea to begin with your diet.

In addition to diet, exercise is also important part in reducing weight significantly. For this case, people typically do not like much. To solve the problem, it is necessary to know the concept of exercise for losing weight. Basically exercise is performed to use stored energy so that they will not be transformed into fat. 

What to Do When you are Overweight
Alternatively, if everything has turned into fat, it will be transformed into energy if the person is exercising. That is why reducing weight is closely related to exercise. The exercise that is performed should not have to be hard and intense. Even walking is practically enough.

Knowing this kind of information for losing weight is surely beneficial. However, it means nothing if it is not practiced. Additionally, it is also quite useless if the information is not performed regularly because it actually matters so much. The person who does not perform regular diet and exercise will gain weight again after several days. 

Even though it does not necessarily mean the losing-weight strategy needs to be restarted, but it definitely makes the procedure less efficient. Therefore, it is best to keep the schedule and consistent in losing weight.

Talking about nature and its beauty, it cannot be separated with the great view of some places on this earth. As having been known that you can see many beautiful natural places, starting from mountains up to the beaches and seas. Moreover, among of those places, indeed, we can call it very unique. Thus, if you want to know where those places are, below is the complete explanation of 5 unique places made by nature

1. Caño Cristales, Colombia

Having another name as The Liquid Rainbow and The River of Five Colors, this river is considered as the river from paradise. How comes? It is because of the color of the river that can produce many colors such as yellow, black, red, green and blue. The color of the river itself is caused by the algae that live there. 

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Even though this river is so beautiful, but it is not beautiful enough for the fish. It means that there is no fish which can live in the condition of the river that is full of algae. For the location of Caño Cristales, it is in Serrania de la Macarena Mountains in Colombia.  

2. Fly Geyser Reno, Nevada

The second unique places and it is made of nature is in Nevada called Fly Geyser Reno. It is created in 1916 accidentally when people drill the well for water. However, what we can see now that it becomes such a unique area. 

Unique Places Made by Nature Weird News Around The World
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This place becomes very great because of there are many terraces with various colors. If you are in this geothermal area, you will see that this place os very attractive, not only for human but also for animals living surrounding this place.  

3. Vale Da Lua, Brazil

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Then, for another place which becomes one of the unique places made by nature is Vale da Lua in Brazil. It is a stone basin having the oldest formation of the rocks, the age is about 1.8 billion years old. This place also is called as Valley of the Moon because the erosion of the rocks there is like the look of the moon.
4. Rio Tinto, Spain

This river that is in Spain is one of the unique places in the world, and it is made of nature. Different from the ordinary river we can see, this river has a red color. This red color of the water in Rio Tinto is caused by the level of iron in the water which is so high.

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According to the history in the past, this river is mined for gold, silver and copper. With this unique color, this river is used as a scientific study, here to study the lakes in Jupiter and Mars. 

5. The Colored Earth and Chamarel Falls, Mauritius

Unique Places Made by Nature
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In the southeast coast of Africa that is in the Republic of Mauritius, you can find the unique places made by nature. First, there is the waterfall which the tallest one in this country. Then, the colored sand having various colors such as violet, green, red, and others will the second beautiful place there. 

There are so many interesting places in Indonesia that are worth to visit from west to east. In java alone, there are hundreds of famous tourism destinations that are known widely by Indonesian. In Central Java, there is a city known as Demak. Being one regency in Central Java, it holds so many interesting things to show to the world. 

Some of them are represented through tourism destination while some others are handicrafts. Here are some details about tourism destination in Demak to know so that this place can be put on the list to go when next vacation comes.

Morosari Beach

Demak is located near Semarang, the northern part of Java Island. As known widely, Semarang is located just near by the sea, and Demak is also had that feature as well. One beach that still belongs to Demakis government is Morosari Beach. The beach is very easy to reach because it is located 5 km away from the main road. 

Great Tourism Destination in Demak
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The road is now so much better than couple years behind, so accessibility is out of the question now. Upon entering the site, it is possible to see people embarking fish on the roadside as their main job in this shore area. 

Going further to the beach, now visitors will be mesmerized with gleaming white sands and beautiful sun at dusk and dawn. Across the beach, there is mangrove forest with its natural and peaceful impression. This will be double-fun vacation ever, and it is practically cheap enough.

Mangrove forest

One tourism place that is actually still not known by many people is the mangrove forest. Even though it has lived there for years, the access to the forests is just fixed and upgraded to accommodate more and more people coming to this area.
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Some people, indeed, still complain about the accessibility to this forest, but at least it can be a great adventure especially for a vacation. Not only does this site offer a lot of mangrove plants all over the place, but it also displays the truthful view of beaches and sands. They are just nice and peaceful. 


Located around the central city of Demak, there are dozens of artists making batik creation based on natural objects around. Demak batik is identified through starfruit and guava as the pattern, and it is still crafted traditionally. Anyone who is curious can visit one of those house-of-batik to see the creations those great people have made.
Tourism Destination in Demak Indonesia
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Additionally, the owners typically offer visitors making batik on the plain fabric which is further sold to them. It is a great thing to visit this place as those remarkable batiks can be used as a gift and transformed into an outfit. 

Drum craftsmanship

It is worthy to know that Demak is known not only for its beautiful places but also for its religion. The reason is because Demak was the place for the Islamic Kingdom back then. The drum craftsmanship is actually related to the religion because the drum is identical to Muslim because it is a way to call Muslim to pray. This kind of place is flourishing around the Great Mosque of Demak.

There are so many places recognized as a historical site containing information about the human in past time. Sangiran is one of those important places, and this place - which has been turned into museum - can be visited anyone who wants to know deeper about earlier human being. 

Technically this museum is located in Kalijambe but the Sangiran site covers three different nearby regions namely Gemolong, Plupuh, and Gondangrejo. 

This area can be the next vacation destination place because of its valuable educational information that can be gathered. It is quite obvious, but there are actually some other things that make the Sangiran visitation the world heritage center, is super worthy.

Natural environment

It is one element that is maximized for visitors coming into the valuable heritage center. Upon entering the site, the visitors can feel a peaceful world of Indonesia in Sangiran.

The trees lining up in the edge of the roads are beautifully welcoming every visitor with their fresh gleaming impression. Indeed, the quality of nature in this site can be compared with those from islandic tourism destination in another part of Indonesia. 

Visit Sangiran the World Heritage Center
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Museum Show Room

Visitors are always respected in such area, and one proof that guarantees it happens is sophisticated display inside the museum. There are two - roughly divided - show rooms for seeing the museum’s collection. The first room is dedicated to the evolution of some creatures including human. 

However, the most prominent collection is animals such as hippopotamus, crocodile, turtle, rhino, and many other animals. Visiting this place is one way to see the way they evolved to current shape and size. 

The next room is specialized for human development. Based on skull type, there are some homos displayed such as Homo sapiens, early Homo erectus, and homo Neanderthal European. Of course, there are also some other extinct species that are displayed in this museum to see.
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Other miscellaneous rooms

In addition to rooms filled with skulls, rocks, and other ancient stuff, this museum is actually equipped with modern rooms and technology to display human ancestors in the more attractive way.

One of the room is also designed for researchers to find new discovery because there are obviously unexplored regions hiding precious about the past. 

Another room is definitely great because it is dedicated to the particular event held organized by the museum officials. To check available event, there is nothing to visit but the museum’s website and the museum itself.
sangiran indonesia
How to reach this place

In order to visit the museum, one needs to focus on one destination at first. This destination is known as Kalijambe, and it is actually fairly easy to reach this place especially from Solo. After reaching Kalijambe, there are two options. 

The first is using motorcycle taxi and the other is walking. The latter is not really recommended since it is not that close from the main road of Kalijambe to the museum. Since this museum is not open 24 hours a day, visitors need to know its exact schedule. Tue-sun, it opens from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it closes in other days. 

Ponytails for some women might be a boring hairstyle, but for some reasons, ponytails hairstyle is a completely simple yet stunning hairstyle. Not only loved by women, this kind of hairstyle is also men’s favorite. If you don’t believe me yet, here are some reasons why ponytails is such a simple, lovely, and awesome hairstyle.

1. Neat and Formal

You cannot deny that ponytails will allow you to keep your hair neat. That is why ponytails hairstyle is suitable for formal occassions such as working, meeting with clients, or even having a royal dinner!

2. Ellegant

Once, ponytails has been labelled as a royal hairstyle, for most queens and princesses of European kingdom love this ponytails style. So, you want to feel like a princess? just do the ponytails!

3. It Fits

Many hairstyles cannot be applied to every hair type. But, ponytails is an exception. Besides it suits for nearly every occassion, no matter what kind of hair you have, is it curly, wavy, or straight, long, short, or medium-length hair you have, ponytails will always fits you!

Reveals the Beauty of Ponytails Hairstyle

Ponytails never been a boring hairstyle. You can use your creativity to modify your ponytails. For example, you want to make a cute braid on your ponytails, it will definitely increase the beauty of you and your hair. So, be creative with your ponytails!

5. Pretty

Ponytails, will surely makes you prettier. Why? first, it is mentioned previously that ponytails is a favorite hairstyles of queens and princesses in European kingdoms. Also, it fits any kind of hairstyles you have, and is suitable for any occassions you attend. Undoubtedly, ponytails is pretty.

6. Up To Date

Ponytails hairstyle will never be outdated. The simplicity of this hairstyle makes it a favorite of women mostly and that what makes it evergreen. You can also modify your ponytails with new additional model and change your looks. You can always be up to date with ponytails.

7. Classic

Classic does not always means old, classic can be something ellegant and lovely. For example, you can put your old shining ribbon to your ponytails and make it perfect.

8. No bad hair day

With ponytails, you will never have a bad hair day ever. First, the hair will stay on its place since the first time you make a ponytails. Second, you can always trick a bad hair with bumpy bubble ponytails!

Ponytails Hairstyle

Not only women, men with longer hair can also apply this ponytails hairstyle and still make them looks fierce and manly.

10. Friendly

Ponytails will be a very friendly hairstyle you can think of in any seasons. Whether it is winter, summer, fall, or spring, ponytails never goes wrong.

Those are the 10 points that finally reveals the beauty of ponytails hairstyle. The thing is, you can always rely on ponytails in any conditions, from informal, casual, to any formal situations. Also, ponytails hairstyle will never fail you. Be creative with ponytails, and it is only beauty will welcome you and be your companion all day of everyday.

There are actually many famous places to visit in Indonesia especially in terms of mountainous area. The reason is because there are hundreds of mountains in Indonesia. One famous mountainous area is Sikunir. This place has been a heaven on higher ground because of its excellence in terms of natural beauty. 

Moreover, this area also offers very dynamic nature that makes people excited even though they have visited this place hundred times. There are some things to know about Sikunir that make Sikunir extremely beautiful. 

Excellent sunrise

This one is actually the main thing why Sikunir is great. Students of photography or anyone who has an interest in photography definitely knows this place when it comes to sunrise spot. In summer, it is possible to capture the golden sunrise that is excellent for its bright yellow exclusive impression. 

This is also the element that makes visitors keep coming because the sunrise will not be the same every time it shows up. People with various creativity levels then can produce various photographs just for single sunrise on the top of Sikunir. This is absolutely what makes Sikunir excellent destination for next holiday.

Amazing Things to Know about Sikunir
Photo: Copyright
Easy access

Earlier, the sunrise was limited for a few people who brave enough to travel far with difficult steps. However, such experience will not happen again-well at least not as extreme as before. The starting point of the journey to Sikunir begins in Dieng Highland. In this area, there are so many places to stay safely and there are also many useful public infrastructures here. 

To reach Sikunir, it is possible to use local transportation node such as motorcycle taxi. For those who have a private vehicle, it is possible to go directly to Sikunir and park the vehicles on the available parking lot. The distance between Dieng Highland and Sikunir is around 2 km, and typically it takes 1.5 hours to go there.
Photo: Copyright
The spots

There are some good spots that should be visited in Sikunir, and missing them means miserable thing ever. The spots are based on several hills that are passed during the trip. The first hill is the place where people gather to take a photograph, and it the spot that is always wanted. In this area, it is possible to see the most astonishing sunrise on earth. 

The next spot goes to the next hill in which it the Sindoro Sumbing is straight ahead of this hill. This hill is indicated with the presence of comfy – and crowded – gazebo on the first hill. The last spot is more amazing as it is rated as the highest of all. The view from this point is remarkable. Everything can be seen from the villages, roads, landmarks, and even cloud.
sikunir mountain
Photo: Copyright
Those are things to know before visiting this beautiful area. There is one thing to note that this place is almost always crowded in weekend and holiday. Therefore, it is advised to prepare things such as transportation mode and staying place ahead of the time. That will save visitors from losing mind once going up there.

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