Easy Ways to Cure Myopia Naturally

Myopia or short-sighted is the most eye defect experienced by people in productive age. Many do not know how to cure it. The people feel that the glasses are the only best solution for them. Is that right? It could be the correct answer. The patient uses glasses minus and the minus is growing over time. Are you one of the people with myopia? If the answer is yes. There are tips to cure myopia naturally.

1. The Magical Leaves Known as Betel Leaves

You must be familiar with the betel leaf. Yeah, this leaves have 100 benefits. One of it benefit is it can be used for curing myopia naturally. How to do it? Take 2 pieces of fresh betel leaves, clean washed. Then put it into the eyes when you're going to sleep. Do it as a routine every day.

Easy Ways to Cure Myopia Naturally

2. Change Your Sight Distance

Keep your eye muscles to always be elastic by the way not staring towards an object in a long period of time, for example when you are working using a laptop or computer. Blue spectrum light on an electronic device consumes more energy in both eyes. Switch the view to another object periodically when you have to work longer while using electronic devices, including cell phones. 

In every 25 minutes, take your time to move from your seat. Just take the water and try to look out the windows / outside your room, see the surrounding environment. This simple activity can "cure myopia naturally".

3. Remove Your Glasses Eventually

Because every day you get used to it you will feel strange if you do not wear it. It's just a matter of habit. Actually, you don't need glasses in every activity. You should try not to be dependent on it. 
Remove your glasses for certain times when it's less needed. Train your eyes to see objects or distant objects without using glasses. For example, you can go to places like fields, hills, etc., because these places have a far viewpoint.

cure myopia naturally
4. A Simple Candle Therapy

Do you have candles at home? This thing is not only useful when blackouts. You can use it to your healthy eye therapy. The trick is to light a candle and then gaze at the candle without blinking. For long your eyes will shed tears. These tips is simple, but the result is effective for some people. Do you want to try?

5. Last But Not Least

Dust and other dirt particles when you're doing daily activities such as swimming, traveling by motorcycle, etc. make your eyes contaminated with dirt. Clean the eyes when you finish your daily activities in the evening or at bedtime. This can make the eyes relax and clean. Use eye drops are safe and appropriately.

Well, that's some way to cure myopia naturally. How? Simple and easy to do, isn’t it?