Journey of Exotic Beach, Tour in Uluwatu Bali

If you are going to Bali but only visit Kuta beach, maybe you should come back to Bali again to visit the line of the most beautiful beaches in South Bali. These beaches are not as famous as Kuta or Sanur beach, but you'll get an unforgettable scenery. 

We start from the very end of the island's shore, and start the tour in uluwatu beach. This beach faces directly to the Indian Ocean. Is it beautiful? Totally! This beach is the Most Beautiful painting from the God. Beach with white sand and tropical sun make the visitors feel like heaven. The beach can be reached 1,5-2 hours from Denpasar. 

Riding an automatic motorbike will be a better choice, because if you want to visit beaches area in South Bali it means you’ll go through up and down the route. You can visit the Hindu holy temple called Pura Uluwatu, which there are funny monkeys roam. But, before you enter this holy temple, you should wear a traditional Balinese sheet or usually named as “Kamben”. 

Journey of Exotic Beach Tour in Uluwatu Bali

This tradition is believed by local Hindus folks as an honor to their ancestor. Exciting! Go to the top of the temple area, look down, and behold! There is a fantastic blue ocean below you. The absence of waves and the color implies silence and depth of this Indian Ocean.

When you feel satisfied, let us go down to Padang-Padang beach. Here you will meet the long stairs to get to the beach. If you are lucky, you can see the 3 colors of the exotic beach, the turquoise, pink, and light blue. Those color refraction is produced from sunlight reflected off water into the sea. 

It’s gorgeous. You will also meet a cave before get the beach. Actually, this is not a cave, but a giant rock that closes the beach, then by local communities, the stone moved as the path to the beach.
uluwatu beach

In this beach you can swimming, surfing, or sun bathing. But sometimes, swimming is prohibited here because the wave’s level is too high. If you feel a sudden hunger, don’t worry about it. There is plenty of foods and meals, vendor around this beach, but the most popular here is a meatball soup. 

You can also enjoy a sip of fresh green coconut sold by local residents. It’s totally a whole package of "tourism destination in Uluwatu". So why you only visit Kuta Beach if you can find another good or maybe a better one?