This Is A Powerful Natural Treatment For Diabetes

"Diabetes" is now not only attacks the elderly man, even many young man in productive age also have experienced this disease. Excessive sugar consumption coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle to be one of the major factors cause. 

When it happens, how to proceed? how to treat diabetes in a natural way, because as we know that natural remedies have been proven not to have any side effects, even though we had to be patient while recuperating diabetes in a natural way.

1. Noni, A Real Deal as Natural Cure

Noni plant easily found in Indonesia or other tropical countries. This fruit contains Proxeroni which is a substance that can form compounds Alkaloids as the opening of new cells are healthy, so that the absorption of nutrients in the body will be perfect. Well, the content of Proxeroni on Noni fruit is what makes this fruit is a natural remedy cure diabetes. 

What Youre’ supposed to do when you have one of Noni fruit that is fresh and clean? Put it in blender with 250 cc of boiled water, then make the smoothies of it. Drink it for 1 cup a day. If you cannot stand the taste and the smell, you can add 2 tablespoons of pure honey in the juice.

2. Look at your kitchen, whether Turmeric there? 

Almost certainly there are as many dishes using Turmeric as a primary spice, also most of Indonesian cuisine. If you've found Turmeric means you are ready to start cure diabetes naturally by yourself. Yeah, it’s right. Since long time ago Turmeric is known as a natural remedy of diabetes or high blood sugar level. 

Natural Treatment For Diabetes

First, take one root of turmeric. Boil 1 liter of water, put the turmeric in, add a half teaspoon of salt and then strain the decoction of the herb diabetes. Chill the herb in the refrigerator. Drink half a glass every day. Store herbs in the refrigerator so it will be preserved well and its contents are not damaged. Regularly drink the potion every day until you’re cured.

3. Mahkota Dewa plants are herbs that are well known 

His name is so popular among herbalist. Natural treatment for diabetes also can use Mahkota Dewa as a natural ingredients. Prepare five pieces of Mahkota Dewa stem, add 3 bay leaves, both washed. Then prepare 3 cups water, boiled together with the leaves last until the remaining half cup only. Drink that potion in daily routine until you recover.
cure diabetes naturally

4. Basil leaves are used as fresh vegetables and commonly eaten with fresh chili on some Indonesian food

But behind it, the benefits of basil leaves can also be used to treat diseases of blood sugar. Basil has a content that can assist the process of secretion of insulin in the body, so the blood sugar levels will remain stable. How to eat them was as usual and quite used as vegetables. Because basil consumed in a raw state, then make sure cleanliness is maintained.

Those are some ways to "cure diabetes naturally" and traditionally that you can make yourself at home. Hopefully with these natural ingredients you free from this disease. Get well soon.