North Borneo, The Newest Province That Offers Travel Destinations Which Is Not Less Exciting

You are right. North Borneo is a new province on the island of Borneo. Is there any tourism spot in North Borneo? Although it has just become a province its own, the provincial capital, namely Tarakan was ready to welcome you for a tour there. Are you sure you are not interested? What if I show you places of tourism in North Borneo is?

1. Marine Tourism in Amal Beach, Tarakan

North Borneo The Newest Province That Offers Travel Destinations

The beach lovers out there, you shall visit this natural beach. With two beaches, the Old Amal Beach and New Amal Beach, the beach is presenting the distinctive atmosphere of quiet beaches, blue sea water, and the breeze while enjoying the fresh young coconut water typical of the coast. Can you hold the pleasure?

2. Refresh Your Sight by Visiting Kayan Mentarang National Park

North Borneo Tourism

Kayan National Park is located in the district of Malinau, North Borneo. Protected forests which extend vast certainly refreshing for anyone who looked. Did you know that this national park is the only national park in Southeast Asia that still have primary forests and secondary forests? 

There are several protected areas tour that can you meet, like Pujangan Hulu area, Hulu Krayan and Hulu Kayan/Datadian. Kayan National Park widely sprawl and has a height of mainland 200-2500 m above sea level. In addition to the green of the trees tour, you can visit natural hot spring tour in Semolon Hot Springs. What are you waiting for?
3. Do not Forget History along the Bulungan Sultanate Museum

This museum contains so much precious historical value, namely the history of the Bulungan Sultanate first lead in the Bulungan. The museum was founded by the government in 1964 in the Bulungan Palace.

If you want to know more details, go in this museum. You will see Sleeping place Sultan, pictures, chairs, tables, and duplicate of his greatness clothes. Oh yes, if at the same time you want religious travel, visit the the Sultanate of Bulungan old mosque which is located in Tanjung Palas. 

Bulungan other relics of the kingdom is a tool of war in the form of cannon named Melati, Rindu, and Dendam. The third cannon is now stored in Bulungan Sultanate Tanjung Palas.

Do not forget also, you can visit the tomb of Datu Adil families residing in the Salimbatu Village. This location can only be reached via the river and takes about 30 minutes. It's easy right?

4. Once satisfied walk around? Time to eat typical food of North Borneo Tourism 

Starting from Tarakan, North Kalimantan capital has many restaurants which is serving Soka Crab cuisine, the soft shell crab. In addition to this, you also have to taste typical dishes named Kapah. Furthermore, tease your palate with rice shrimp in Malinau. Hey, tasty river shrimp and spicy sauce awaits you there. 

Lastly, don't forget visiting Tanah Tidung to eat Nasi Subut and Stingray Satay. Do not forget, here you can refresh the body with a distinctive herbal drink that uses the forest onion. Anybody wants?