Outstanding Travel in Papua’s Land

East Indonesian tourism is indeed amazing like pretty girl who is a virgin, not least tourism in Papua. We all would agree that Papua has high local culture and are well preserved, added with outstanding natural tourism. Would you plan the next vacation for a tourist trip in Papua?

1. You be fascinated with the beauty of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a creation of God that can be enjoyed by everyone who wants to travel in Papua Indonesia. Its beauty has been enjoyed by local and foreign tourists. There are four large islands around Raja Ampat which are: Wigeo, Misol, Salawati, Batanta, as well as the sea is populated by approximately 1,511 species of fish and sea turtles. Yes, Raja Ampat is very rich in marine organisms, because 75% of all world marine species can be found in Raja Ampat's sea.

Outstanding Travel in Papua’s Land

So what are you gonna do when you traveled here? Of course diving! Being an eyewitness that the beauty of God creation also exists under the sea. You can dive whenever you want. Throughout the year, but there is the best month for diving, which is in October and November because in this time, weather is very bright and the water becomes very clear so that visibility becomes very clear when diving.

2. You shall visit the magnificent Lake Sentani

You will see gigantic lake when traveling in Papua. Do you know if the lake has an area of 9,360 hectares with 21 islands that surround the lake with a height of 75 meters above sea level? Fascinating! You will do a lot of activities here like swimming, fishing, enjoy the culinary at restaurants around the lake, or hire a boat to get around this vast lake. 

Here you'll also see a lot of the stage house with fishing nets because the majority of local residents are fishermen. There are 24 villages ready to nicely welcoming travelers. Do not forget, Lake Sentani have an annual event in the form of lively festivals held each year in June.

3. Convey your astonishment for Lembah Baliem

travel in Papua Indonesia

Do not forget when you traveling in Papua, you must visit Lembah Baliem. When you arrive at Lembah Baliem, the cold will greet you because this valley is 1600m above sea level with temperatures ranging between 10-15 degrees Celsius at night. You will also see many locals are very strong traditional culture. They still wear a koteka for men and fringed skirts for women. 

The valley which is located in the mountainous region of Jayawijaya is home to the Dani, Yati, and Lani, which is indigenous Papuans. Every August, the local government held an annual festival Lembah Baliem. The event was very exciting because there performed ceremonies in the form of pig roasting and dances accompanied by traditional musical instruments.

Let's go and doing travel in Papua Indonesia. See you in Papua, Fellas!

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