Tourism in Maluku, What can you get there? A Paradise!

Ambon Manise oh Ambon Manise! You are familiar with that sentence? It means that now you're on Ambon Island, Maluku province. Welcome to the paradise island to enjoy tourism in Maluku. Anybody wants?

Nusa Pombo: Peacefully Diving !
Nusa Pombo you can take 1 hour from the port in the provincial capital, Ambon, using a speed boat that is prepared to take travelers to Nusa Pombo. Pst! Nusa Pombo is uninhabited island. So romantic. 

But don’t forget, because it’s uninhabited then prepare something to eat and drink when you travel here. Want to stay for nights? Bring tents so we can held a camp here and be prepared for an incredible adventure in Nusa Pombo.

Feeling hot? Let's dive because Nusa Ombo is known by the beautiful underwater scenery. Diving, swimming, snorkeling and trekking are exciting things you can do here. Isn’t it fun? This is the first heaven if you do your tour in Maluku.

Liang Beach: Indulge yourself in the most beautiful beaches

Tourism in Maluku
Know with another name as Hunimua Beach. Don’t be mistaken, fellas. Visiting this beach when going tour in Maluku, is the beach which was granted by the United Nations as the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia in 1991. 

Look at the clear blue waters in harmony with clean white sand. This beach is an outstanding masterpiece of God’s creation. Maybe when Liang Beach is created, God was smiling sweetly. This tourist spot located in Liang Village, Salahutu District, or about 40 km from Ambon. For entering Liang Beach, you have to pay 15,000 Rupiah. Cheap enough. 

For your information, this beach’s waves weren’t too big so it is suitable for you who want to play in the water without fear of drowning. For those of you who don’t want of getting wet, rest under the trees that lined up neatly on the edge of the beach. The wind breeze is very soothing.

Domestic Hot Springs in Tulehu

tour in Maluku

Yay! Next tourist destination in Maluku is a hot springs in Negeri Tulehu. This sourist spot are located about 30 km from Ambon and located in the hills area. There are two pools with different water temperatures. 

For facilities, there are available gazebo, dressing room and karaoke at the rate of 2,500 rupiah per song. The water temperature in the pools is between 57-70 degrees Celsius and is believed can cure skin diseases and rheumatism. 

If after soaking you feel hungry, don’t worry! There are many food vendors ranging from boiled potatoes, noodles soup, tea and warm coffee. If you want to enjoy this excitement and bathing in pools, you are only required to pay 5,000 Rupiah.

Well, traveling in Maluku is the same as visiting the island paradise right?