Tourism in West Sumatra, Combined elegant exotic historical and natural feel

The beauty of Sumatra Island is irrefutable because it is destined Sumatra Island has a rich culture and amazingly beautiful landscape. This time we will prepare a traveling trip in West Sumatra, a region full of historical value and typical natural feel. Wait a second, read this before you set foot there

Get yourself at the Lake Maninjau

Lake Maninjau is one of the important icons of tourist destination in West Sumatra. It is located 36 kilometers from Bukittinggi town with winding roads commonly known as Kelok Ampek-Ampek. You will be treated to a unique terraced rice fields and green. For lodging you do not need to worry because there are many inns around the lake with various prices.

Tourism in West Sumatra, Combined elegant exotic

Enjoy fresh green atmosphere there and many tourist facilities are provided such as swimming pool, fishing ponds that you can grill and eat fishes on the spot, and also exciting water bike rides.

Canyon Sianok

You wouldn't feel being in Indonesia when it took time to visit Canyon Sianok when doing tours in West Sumatra. How come? The place is located in downtown Bukittinggi and Southern Nagari Kato stretching from Gadang continues to spread to the north has an awesome nature panorama such as in mountainous areas of cold Europe. There are only three words capable of describing it; beautiful, lush green and cool. 

If you see flowing freshness it's below, you will see the water from the creeks that meander trace white cliffs, yellow, and dark with the background of Mount Merapi and Singgalang a verdant like an emerald. You have to capture the moment with a good background as a sign that you've become a witness the beauty of Canyon Sianok.
Beautifully Silent Island was Named Sikuai Island

traveling trip in West Sumatra

When you get bored visiting Bali or not enough money to visit Bora-Bora, satisfy your tourist desire in Sikuai, one of the beautiful islands in the list of tours in West Sumatra that should not be. If you are from Padang, continue your journey to this island with just a ½ mile trip in 35 minutes using a special boat from Airud Bungus dock. 

Voila! Turquoise distinctive clean beach and fresh air greet you as a warm greeting from Sikuai. Enjoy walk around this Island with staying in a two star hotel with 21 cottages (45 rooms) with views directly overlooking the beach. Oh, beautiful! Do not forget to bring your stylish sunglasses.