A Mind Refreshing Travel In Makassar Indonesia

Speaking of travel in Makassar, means not only talking about the famous Losari Beach. Although it is true that Losari Beach is an icon of tourism in Makassar Indonesia. However, there are many other decent tourist destinations in Makassar and must be visited to satisfy your travel instincts.

1. Enjoy a nostalgic moment at Rotterdam Fort

When the historical tour is one your destination, then you should visit Rotterdam Fort which will be full of historical value. Its area is quite easily accessible because it is located on the shore west of Makassar City, precisely on Jalan Ujung Pandang No. 2 Makassar. The fort was built in 1545 by the King of Gowa X of the Gowa Kingdom. 

The fortress has another name as Ujung Pandang fortress, it was once used to store spices in Eastern Indonesia. In this historic fort there where La Galigo Museum which saves about 4,999 collections. At the Ethnographic collection, this museum has various types of proceeds of technology, art, the life equipment, and other objects created and used by Buginese, Makassar, Mandar and Toraja.

2. Samalona, The Dazzling Island

Travel In Makassar Indonesia

Samalona Island has an area of approximately 2.34 hectares which area of Maritime Tourism Object has grown better from year to year. Since a few years ago the island became a favorite tourist spot in Makassar to be visited by travelers. Samalona island is rich with an abundance of marine life and various types of tropical fish. So, if you like snorkeling, do not miss the chance to try snorkeling on the beach along the island this Samalona. 

The distance is close enough to Makassar, which is only 7 kilometers away. You can use a speed boat to cross the island within 30 minutes. Samalona Island facility is complete enough, there is a mosque, toilets, huts, and restaurants. It was some public facilities are available on the Samalona Island. In addition you can also rent a lodge on the island.
3. A Cup of Tea? Malino have a Bunch for You

A Mind Refreshing Travel In Makassar Indonesia

Want to refresh your mind from an exhausting activity? Just visit the tea garden Malino, because this is one of the tourist spot in in Makassar Indonesia, which must be visited. The tea garden is located administratively within the District of Tinggimoncong, Gowa. Located about 90 km from Makassar, you can arrive in Malino in time between 2-3 hours’ drive away. 

In addition to the tea garden,Malino is also known as the city of flowers and has a number of interesting tourism spot, such as Thousand Stairs Waterfalls, Takapala Waterfalls, Lembah Biru, Heritage of Japanese Bunker, and Mount Bawakaraeng. Visiting Malino tea garden can be a fun experience. Walking along 200 hectares of tea gardens while enjoying the cool and fresh air. 

If you stop in a cafe at the top of this plantation, enjoy a serving of Malino's green tea is a memorable experience.