Traveling on Sumba Island, Unforgettable Great Moment

Sumba Island is a unique, and indeed God created so. Hilly contours, shores with clear water, and that's a real calmness you’ll get when traveling to Sumba Island. There are some destinations you need to visit when you get a chance to visit this beautiful island.

1. Warinding Hills, the amazing place where you get shivers

Shades of savanna and breezing wind are things you can get when traveled to Warinding Hills. When you come in the rainy season, you can enjoy the fresh and lush green grass in hill. Wairinding hills itself is located in the district of East Sumba. Precisely in Pambota Jara village, Pandawai district. It’s about 30 minutes from East Sumba central city. The hill is amazing with wide variety of vegetation. 

If you go there in the dusk you will feel like in a fantasy land. The angle of the Warinding Hill is very beautiful, combined with an amazing sunset sky made the perfect quiet atmosphere that you will never forget.

2. Rende Traditional Villageis where you will feel right at the hometown

If the tranquility and quiet atmosphere that you're looking for when doing tourism on Sumba Island, Rende Traditional Village is the right answer. Rende Traditional Village is one of the favorite places for peace seekers to calm your soul. Here you are treated to dozens of the distinctive custom and unique houses. Rende Traditional Village also has a number of stone tomb in front of their traditional house. 

Traditional ceremony are still held in high esteem here. For culinary, you don’t have to concern because there are many eating places serving local culinary dishes with exceptional taste, for example, is Kahipat, Uta Watar, and Kamburung.
3. Enjoy the Warm Air from Walakiri Beach

This exotic beach is located in the District Watumbaka Pandawai East Sumba, or about 24 kilometers from Waingapu city.  This beach is easy enough to find, because it’s located close to the township and fishermen residents. The beach is very clean and has clear water. As far as the eye seeing, there will be only clean sand and blue water. This beach is very quiet so as you own the beach. 

Walking along the beach and relaxing feet is something shouldn’t be missed if you traveled on Sumba Island, especially Walakiri Beach. The beach also has the unique mangrove forests, and it provide a natural feel in the form of beach oasis. The atmosphere become more amazing especially when combined with swaying palms in turn to make the eyes feel calm.

What are you waiting for? Let's pack your stuff and go to Travel to Sumba Island and enjoy its natural beauty.