Bandung, Unstoppable Traveling Desire For You

Bandung is one of the beautiful icons of tourism in West Java, Indonesia. In addition to presenting a captivating panorama, Bandung also pampers travelers with culinary and shopping clothes. Not surprising, Bandung is synonymous with Fashion Capital of Indonesia and center of culinary tourism. 

Is there any good tourism spot in Bandung? Before going there, this article is intended for you who will travel to Paris van Java, Bandung. 

1.Ciwidey are things that make Caldera with a mountain range in Bandung look more beautiful

This exotic natural attractions you will encounter about 3 hours from central Bandung (time is calculated from Aiport Husein Sastranegara). White expanse of the crater with a razor blade turquoise amazing color. Very romantic. The pair are usually going to this place if to Bandung. 

And what about the singles? Oh, you can really into the Northern Bandung area, about 20 kilometers from the city. Yep! Welcome to Mount Tangkuban Perahu. You should wear a jacket, quite cold and humid.

Bandung, Unstoppable Traveling Desire For You

2. You want to enjoy a modern tourism in Bandung? 

Of course it’s available in Bandung. Trans Studio Bandung could be the suitable place to visit. It will be very exciting for young people as well as family. If you've been gone to Dunia Fantasi, the Bandung Trans Studio Bandung is its Indoor version. 

How does the ticket fee? It’s cheap enough, the price is Rp 150.000,- for weekdays (Monday-Friday), and Rp 250.000,- for the weekend (Saturday, Sunday) and national holidays such as school holidays and Eid. Let’s come, there are more than 20 games await you at the Trans Studio Bandung.

tourism spot in Bandung

3. Feeling Hungry, where we could get snacks? 

Bandung the town! Its food heaven. Where are they? You can find large area with many food stalls in Paskal Food Market in the Pasir Kaliki, near Bandung Train Station. There are a variety of food that you can taste. RE Martadinata or Riau Street also present a variety of menus in the high-class restaurant along the sidewalk. 

Is it tasty? Superb! If you want to eat with a village atmosphere, you can go to Kampung Daun. Traditional Indonesian food that smells good waiting for you there. It’s located in Lembang Area.
4. Capela? Vega? Familiar with these names? 

You can get the constellations collection in science tourism Bosscha Observatory. Interested in visiting? It’s located 15 kilometers north of Bandung, precisely in Lembang. If you want to be there you have to firstly make a reservation or registration. This reservation usually suitable for a crowd or tourism groups. Oh, here is also one space laboratory for ITB’s Math & Science students.

5. Did you finish with sightseeing and meals? 

Time for shopping cool clothes. Pasar Baru in Bandung offering cheap fashion collection. Bargain fashions A to Z? Suitable for Shopaholic. If you are a teenager or young adult, you can choose to go to factory outlets in the RE Martadinata Street and Dago area.

What are you waiting for? We awaits your traveling desires to explore those traveling destination in Bandung.