Chinese Nuances in Lasem, Rembang Central Java

Going traveled sometimes do not always enjoy the five-star hotel or a luxury trip. A visit to a city full of history and culture could be one attractive option. Typical oriental city tour in Lasem can be chosen. Maybe only a few people know where Lasem is located. But if you had a trip from Jakarta to Bali while driving a car, you would find this city in Pantura (North Coast) region. 

"Lasem" which is part of Rembang district, famous for its distinctive batik and many typical buildings of Chinese descent resident. I visited this small district in a few times before, and I found many tourism destination in Rembang

Typically hot air of coastal welcomed me since entering Juwono region. The expanse view of rural beach looks so beautiful. Yeah, you can see those salt fields everywhere. Lasem main road is one part of Anyer-Panarukan highway project that was initiated by Daendels, cruel General from Dutch Governor in his day.

In Lasem, we can see how the Chinese and native people coexist without conflict. Chinese imperial history in Indonesia had stayed over here in the long period time. 

Chinese Nuances in Lasem
No wonder the buildings with Chinese architecture is very easy to find in this town. Visiting this town is very pleasant moment. The villagers are friendly, the atmosphere of the quiet village, as well as inter-religious harmony makes me really enjoy this small town.

There are many pagodas with its long history, the building is still maintained until now, from generation to generation. It is said that the emperor Cheng Ho often holds large meetings to establish a reliable war strategy with his troops in the Lasem’s pagodas. There are houses with large windows and a wide yard lined up neatly in villages like Gedong Mulyo, Soditan, and Sumber Girang. 

Large white walls surrounding the house as if telling the glory of the past economic strength. Babagan River is a silent witness that Lasem is one of the important port at the international track and Chinatown villages grow at the edges of the river. 

lasem indonesia

Traders blood is the blood belonged to Chinese citizens. From mainland China to the rest of them is the world trade, not least to Lasem, Indonesia. Indeed, many Chinese citizens who live here. Most of them still retain faith as followers of Confucianism, but the descendants of many youth who converted to Christianity. 

If you pass the road north coast Lasem, immediately stop your ride in this small town. Enjoy the feel of the Chinatown coast and get the nuances of Chinese tour in Lasem, without needing to go all the way to China over there.