Enjoy Malay-Chinese Cross Culture? Medan is The Place!

If you have heard or seen the slogan "Horas Mejuah-Juah" Yes you are on the Medan. What kind of tourist spot this city? Is there only Lake Toba and Samosir Island? If you only know two places when to Medan, then it is time you know more about "tourist spots in Medan".

1. Hillpark Sibolangit Theme Park, For You Who Love to Play

It is the largest theme park in North Sumatra. Cool weather to welcome in the play area located in contours of the mountain region and taken approximately 1 hour from the town Medan. Decorated hill green with a large extend clean air will make you more comfortable linger play in one of the family favorite tourist destinations in Medan

You know? Theme Park has three themes: Lost City, Toon Town and Heritage. The rides which are provided also vary, among other things Roller Coaster, Ferries Wheel, 4D theater, and amphiteathre with 1,200 persons capacity for shows and concerts. This Playground located at Jamin Ginting Street KM 45 Medan. Unfortunately this Theme Park only open on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as red date only. Entry fee? It's Cheap. You only have to pay Rp 10.000,- for the entry ticket.

Malay Chinese Cross Culture Medan is The Place
2. Enjoy the Nice and Delicious Meals in China Town

This is the culinary center that has been widely known has successfully satisfying visitors palate. Yeah, you will find various food preparations. Noodles, a variety of satay, duck dish, Nasi Padang, and others. Here you will see a very heterogeneous Medan’s society. Cross-ethnic live side by side here. Chinese, Batak Karo, Medan, to Padang. This place is located in Semarang Street, Medan City. So let’s enjoy delicious meals in Chinatown area, Medan.

3. Historical Tours in Medan? What Can You Get?

There is house as the former Tjong A Fie's residence. Thisplace is suitable for you who want to know the history of Malay-Chinese culture in  Medan. It is on Ahmad Yani Street, Medan. Built with Chinese style architecture, Europe, and the Malays make this building very exotic and has a high-value art history. Do you know who Tjong A Fie is? He was a wealthy merchant of the past in Southeast Asia. He was a merchant and philanthropist. 

Wow, what a remarkable man he is. Besides Tjong A Fei's House, next historical tours is a visit to the magnificent Maimoon Palace. You can enjoy the nostalgic past of Deli Kingdom's glory here. Maimun Palace in Medan is opened from 8 AM to 5 PM, with a ticket price of Rp 8.000,- per person you can enjoy photos of sultan, magnificent throne, and the history of Deli Kingdom.

I suggest you to booking and make your itinerary for Medan’s trip right now!