4 Great Tourist Destination in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta has been well-known for its great tourist destinations. In this historical city, you can find the amazing culture with beautiful natural views. To know more about tourism in this city, you can read the article below. 

Thanks for Instagram for making this place really famous this year. Kalibiru now has become one of the most interesting tourist destination in Yogyakarta or Jogja. Kalibiru is located in Mount Menoreh Area, Kulon Progo. Kalibiru is the beautiful village with an interesting eco-trip. 

Great Tourist Destination in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

In this place, you can do trekking with the amazing view of many green trees around you. The most happening spot in Kalibiru is small platform which is located on the pine tree. At this spot, you can see the great view of Mount Menoreh and Rumen Sermo. You will get the Instagram-friendly photoshoot in there as well. The best way to visit this place is by viewing the amazing sunset from that pine tree.   

Kaliurang Yogyakarta
Kaliurang can also be considered as your vacation. Kaliurang offers you various attractions with amazing experience. You can take the ‘Kaliurang Tour’ to fully enjoy this trip. In this tour, you’ll be enjoying the great Mount Merapi view with the refreshing weather. In this tour, you can also visit the interesting museum called “Museum Sisa Hartaku”. 

This museum was originally created by Mr. Riyanto after the great Merapi Eruption in the late 2010. He collected his home furniture and other things which have been ruined by the eruption. This kind of tour will truly give you unique sensation of trip.
Umbul Ponggok
Have you ever imagined doing snorkeling in the fresh water? Although it seems impossible, but you can try the new sensation of snorkeling in the Umbul Ponggok, Klaten. Umbul Ponggok is the natural basin or pool with the beautiful underwater view, just like any other beautiful sea parks such as Bunaken or Raja Ampat. 

You can see many beautiful fishes with very clear water. You also don’t need to worry about the large sea wave when snorkeling, because the water in Umbul Ponggok is so quiet. If you plan to do snorkeling, you can simply borrow all the snorkeling equipment plus photography services here. Speaking of photography, you can take various Instagram-able shoots using unique props like motorcycle or television. 

Posting your ‘riding a motorcycle in underwater’ photo in Instagram will surely make your friends envy. I expect that by next year, there’ll be so many people who visit this interesting "tourist destination in Yogyakarta", so it’s better for you to take a visit to Umbul Ponggok really soon. 

This is the must visit tourist destination while you’re in Jogja. Malioboro still becomes the most iconic spot in Jogjakarta. Malioboro will offer you the hospitality of Jogja citizens and many attractive stuffs you can buy. You must buy batik with various designs and materials. 

If you want to get the cheaper batik, you can simply find it in the Beringharjo Market located at this street. Malioboro is one of the best place for purchasing batik goods in Indonesia. You can also buy some traditional Jogja’s handicrafts for your friends or relatives. Another thing that you need to try here is Jogja’s culinary. You can find many tasteful and authentic Jogja’s foods. You should try Gudeg for sure. 

Tourist Destination in Yogyakarta

If you’re visiting Malioboro at night, it’s recommended to taste their ‘Angkringan Jogja’ or Night Food Stalls that will give you many good and cheap foods. 

There’re actually many interesting tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, Indonesia that you can visit, like Candi Prambanan, Candi Plaosan, ParangTritis Beach and others. Visiting Yogyakarta will give you memorable pleasure and amazing experience.