HD iLASIK: Newest Laser Eye Surgery Technology That Worth To Try

Eye disorders is indeed disturbing. Everywhere have to depend on glasses. Repot and most patients with eye disorders are not confident with her appearance wearing glasses. There is one eye defect healing technique that is being widely discussed by the public, namely the technique of laser eye surgery. 

Because many development research conducted by scientists ophthalmologist about this technique, the techniques was also a lot of new ones that should be known by the public. HD iLASIK is one method of laser eye surgery you can do. How is the process?

"HD iLASIK" is stands for High-Definiton iLASIK™. Newest iDesign™ technology using High-Definition sensor, thereby providing sharpness and clarity of vision that is better. iDesign™ technology produce High-Definition 3D Map (3 dimensional mapping) of the shape of your eyeball.

HD iLASIK: Newest Laser Eye Surgery Technology

High-Definition sensor is capable of capturing 1200 data points, so it is much more accurate in measuring the accuracy of visual imperfections in your eye. Furthermore, the technology 'Advanced CustomVue ™ System' will do an analysis for each of your eyes based on the results of the mapping technique.

The first process of the three main processes in the HD iLASIK™ is a 3D Corneal Mapping. In the first process, the the examination conducted to analyze and determine the characteristics and level of your visual acuity. 

Because every human eye has been designed with unique and different from each other, each oculist require highly accurate analysis process and detail to ensure the validity of the data and the results of the initial examination of patients..
The second process of HD iLASIK ™ is flap creation. Flap creation in this step is using technology AFS ™ Advanced Femtosecond Laser. At this stage 100% flap is created using a laser (blade free), which will produce a flap which is completely devoted to you aka each patient has its own flap. 

The Advantages of this technology are: a faster time, just 10 seconds, compared to other laser femtosecond technology that takes 30-40 seconds. In addition to the more polished and smooth flap, flap has a thickness that is really as expected and average on all areas of the flap is created.


The last process or a third process, the process for correcting imperfections Laser post-surgery visual acuity using HD iLASIK technology VISX ™ Advanced CustomVue™.

If you are planning to conduct eye treatment using this technique have many choices about which method would you choose to do healing using laser eye surgery, one of which is HD iLASIK method. The decision is entirely yours. 

Always remember that the medical procedures and measures and preparations should be consulted with a doctor. We wish quickly recover and you can enjoy your healthy eye.