The History of Japanese Harajuku Fashion Style

Japan is one of the most interesting tourist destination in the world. This Asian country is popular for its beautiful scenery, delicious foods and unique culture. Speaking of culture, Japan is famous for its exciting culture. 

You can find the preserved ancient culture of Japan in many tourist attractions in Japan. Besides, they also have unique new culture from the acculturation from the other country's cultures. The popular example of the unique culture of Japan is Harajuku Style. In this article, I will talk much about Harajuku history. 

First History of Harajuku

Harajuku itself is the name of street near the Harajuku Station in Tokyo. This place has become the popular spot in Japan for its unique fashion trend. The history of Japanese Harajuku fashion style came from the combination of Western and Eastern culture. 

At that time, there were many American lived in Harajuku area. Japanese young people who were curious tried to learn American culture. They also bought the American goods sold by American stores there. 

History of Japanese Harajuku Fashion Style

Then, these Japanese and American culture combined to create the Harajuku Style. Harajuku style was also said as the movement from Japanese young people for fighting against their traditions in the different way. Harajuku had their popularity after Tokyo Olympics held in 1964. After that, Harajuku is getting more famous as the center of fashion spot in the world.

Harajuku Style

"Harajuku style" is generally defined as the youthful street wear trend. In this Harajuku street, you can find many stores that sell the unique clothes which represent the Harajuku trend. Harajuku fashion itself is divided into some sub-fashion trends, such as cosplay, Lolita, punk, ganguro and many others.

Lolita Look

Lolita is one of the most popular Harajuku style that you can probably try. Lolita style represent the sexy look of Japanese girl. This style is mainly inspired the Victorian period fashion. Lolita look consists of skirt (with the round shape) combined with the high stocking. You can also use corsets and head accessories to get this authentic Lolita look.


Gyaru is the Japanese girly look with the combination of American teens. If you want to steal this look, you can color your hair with the shocking color. For the makeup, you can use the cheerful colors that represent the happy feeling of a girl. 

Cosplay Trend

Cosplay standing for costume play is the trend that represents the popular character from the manga (Japanese comic), movie and game. You can dress up and act like your favorite character. There's no boundary in this cosplay style since it will be very dependent on your own interpretation of the character.

Japanese Harajuku Style

The history of Japanese Harajuku fashion style will obviously continue since this Harajuku trend keeps expanding over the world. This means that there will be many combinations between Japanese culture with other unique culture. Harajuku shows the very different way in viewing the Japanese culture. This trend also will attract more people to visit Japan and learn their amazing cultures.