Top Japanese Secrets to Weight Loss

Body shape still becomes the one of the most important matter for women. They are obsessed for having a skinny body shape. Speaking for women body shape, "Japanese women" are popular for their beauty and great body shape. They have the slim and portioned body shape. To follow their body shape, you can read these Japanese Secrets to Weight Loss.

Healthy Foods
The main secret of the great shape of Japanese women's body is their healthy diet. Most Japanese, both men and women, still prefer to have the traditional Japanese menu which consists of beans, red rice, baked fish, veggies, and fruits. Japanese women prefer to eat fish than meat. 

The consumption level of fish in Japan is really high because there're so many fresh and delicious fishes available here. They also choose the vegetables that can be easily found in the market like broccoli, cabbage, bean sprouts and many other ordinary high fiber veggies. 

They prefer to bake or roast their fish or meat rather than to fry them. Eating the baked foods are obviously healthier than the fried foods. This simple diet can be implemented by any women in Indonesia easily. This can be said as the main Japanese secrets to weight loss.

Japanese Secrets to Weight Loss
Healthy breakfast menu
Japanese women also have the great choice for their breakfast menu. They still choose the traditional Japanese breakfast, which consists of Miso Soup, Red Rice, Green Tea, Soya, Sea Weeds, Omelet, Baked fish and union. 

This menu consists of complete nutrition and healthy. Besides, this can be easily implemented as your breakfast menu every day.

Eat Rice
Just like any Indonesian woman, Japanese woman also like to eat rice. Many delicious Japanese foods are made up rice. The secret for their diet is they consume rice in the smaller portion than we do in Indonesia. 

By consuming rice, it will avoid them for eating breads, cakes or any other sweet foods. There're currently many Japanese women who consume red rice rather than white rice. As we've already known that the red rice will have lower calories and higher fiber than the usual white rice. So consuming red rice in the small portion can be really effective to lose your weight.

weight loss secrets from Japanese women

Healthy Life
Healthy life is another Japanese secret to weight loss. Japanese women like to walk around the city. Even though they have had vehicles, they still prefer to take a walk to go to school, shopping or gathering with their friends. 

They prefer to take public transportation, like train or bus, if they must attempt far distance. They believe that their walking habit can keep them healthy. Japanese women also don’t eat fast foods. As we know that actually those fast foods are not healthy and consist of high calories. 

Instead, they like to consume the fresh fish with minimum seasoning menu like sashimi. As a snacks, Japanese women prefer to consume rice cracker, rice bean cake and other low calorie snacks. 

You also need to remember that most Japanese women doesn’t do the strict diet with very minimum calorie intake. They just eat with the enough portion and take a healthier lifestyle. 

In short, I want to tell you that the Japanese secret to weight loss mentioned below is actually easy to do. You just need a big intention and discipline habit just like Japanese people in general.