Kedonganan Beach, Unity of Seafood and Sunset

Bali will never lose its charm. Start from water tourism, culture, religion, green landscape themed tourist all there. The famous one of tourist spots is Kuta Beach. When visiting the Kuta area, you're close to "Kedonganan Beach", in the Jimbaran area. The place where all fresh and delicious seafood is served. 

Along the Kedonganan coast, we can easily see a seafood restaurant with a very diverse menu. Wind breezes blow away the smoke from the seafood restaurants. Walking along the Kedonganan coastline is fun. Unlike in Kuta, Kedongan beach is much quieter and cleaner. You will not find crowds of people here. 

On this beach, every afternoon there is a lot of games like beach volleyball, beach soccer, and occasionally seen beautiful dogs that take a walk by its owner. Tourists and local people really are very united. And like me who feel satisfied after down the beach, I think recharging energy is the right thing to do. Eating in the restaurant seemed to be normal.

Kedonganan Beach Unity of Seafood and Sunset

What if we shop and mingle with the fish seller? It looks like fun. I am lucky! I found the fish market at the end of this beach that I can start seafood tourism in kedonganan beach. This is a paradise for seafood lovers. After talking with the local folks, then I know that this is the biggest fish market in Bali. 

Fresh fish caught from the Bali Sea directly placed in this market, before being transported to various traditional markets in the area of Denpasar, Badung and surrounding areas. We can see a variety of fresh seafood when entering this market. 

Ranging from giant tuna, sea cucumbers, squid, various types of shells, up to hundreds of species of fish all complete here. Do not worry, you can bid on these fish. Of course, this is a traditional market. You can see the foreign tourists haltingly speak Indonesian language tried to bargain in order to get the best price. You want to bargain for the best price? Of course, it's a piece of cake.
Kedonganan Beach Bali

One interesting fact is that almost 90 percent of fish traders here are the Javanese and Madurese who migrated to Bali. After bargaining, it's time to cook the fish. The good news is you do not have to bother bringing home those fishes, because there are plenty of places around the market, which is ready to turn our fishes become super delicious dishes, complete with Balinese spices, the most famous is Matah sauce, which can make you droll. An affordable price meal, hot rice with Balinese seafood dishes being cooked and ready to eat. 

Dusk began to arrive, the stomach is full, and it’s time to go home with happy memories of a pleasant moment for our seafood tourism in Kedonganan beach.