Malang The Beautiful City In Eastern Java

Go to Malang and surrounding areas alone, as a couple, or a family is the plan that you have to realize. Why? Because there are a lot of tourism spot in Malang and Batu presenting a complete package. Want the beautiful scenery of mountains? Check. Want beach? Check. Want museum? Check! See, but prior to it you better peek out what kind of destination out there.

1. Want to feel washed bathing with large water flow? 

Malang The Beautiful City In Eastern Java

There is Coban Rondo Water Fall. It is located 12 kilometers from the Batu Town. The sound of rushing water fall from a height of water flow will greet you when you arrived on this waterfall. Here is the location, it's in Pandansari Village, Pujon. Don't forget to prepare a change of clothes when you decied to going here. Play hard and get wet is a must thing to do in this waterfall.

2. Automotive Museum is not the place like a garage. Do not be mistaken, fellas

What? There are many legendary old car? Yes! You have been in Angkut museum. You will be presented to antique cars from across the continent, such as America and Europe. Not only that, you will also feel like in the old days because you can see a chariot drawn by cows. 

The museum is easy to reach, located in Batu. The entry ticket fee is quite affordable at Rp 50.000, - on weekdays and Rp 75.000, - during weekends. Guaranteed satisfied! Do not forget to take pictures with thousands of car collections there.

3. Omah Kayu, I'm coming! Omah Kayu! I just came and fell in love in a second! 

It's totally beautiful. You can enjoy sleeping in a unique wooden house overlooks the charming and fresh greens panorama. If you want to stay there, you are charged Rp 250.000,- to Rp 300.000,- per night, but you could just sitting and enjoying the gentle breeze there. Just pay for ticket fee Rp 5.000,- and you will get the calm moment there. This place romanticism nuance is not lost compared to the Alps.

4. Paragliding Let's try, the sensation of flying over across the sky and drop yourself in this middle of city?

traveling in Malang

This paragliding services are safe, because there are experts who accompany you as you fly. This flight will make you feel like birds while enjoying the scenery of this beautiful expanse up there.
5. Malang also has its own exotic beach

It is there in Balekambang Beach. On this beach there is a temple located in the middle of the beach. It is located 65 kilometers south of Malang. You can enjoy approximately 2 km beautiful shoreline while you take a walk along the coast. Isn't it amazing?

So will you take a day off from your routine or just skip your work and get "traveling in Malang" just in time?