Popular Myth About Pregnancy You Need to Know

Pregnancy can be the most memorable moment for both women and her husband. In this stage, women will face the new phase in their life. There will be many new and exciting experiences in this period. There will be also some myths in women’s pregnancy. Unfortunately, there’re many of them which are untrue in medical view. So, here’re some popular "myth about pregnancy" that should you read.

Young coconut water

This can be one of the most popular myth about pregnancy. There’re so many myths about young coconut water related to women’s pregnancy. This water is said can make your children in your womb have white skin. In fact, the skin color of human is determined by pigment. This pigment is determined by the specific human genes. 

So, your children’s skin color will be based on your unique gen. Coconut water won’t help your children to have such a white skin. Drinking young coconut water is also said can make your birth process much easier. 

The fact is there’re many factors that influence your birth process. Until now, there’s no proof and research that show that young coconut water can improve your birth process. Another myth about coconut water is it’s believed to help your baby to have strong and dense hair. 

Once again, your child’s hair condition will be based on your genes. So it has no relation with the coconut water that you consume. 

Popular Myth About Pregnancy You Need to Know
Photo: Copyright Mirella Ingamells via dailymail.co.uk
Green bean

Green bean is the next popular myth about pregnancy. If pregnant women consume green bean, their upcoming baby will have the dense and healthy hair. Green bean is also said good for the children’s hair growth. In fact, children’s hair will be determined by your parents’ specified genes. Your quantity of green bean consumption during pregnancy will not effect your child’s hair.

Spicy foods

This is also one of the most popular myth about pregnancy. Many people recommend that the pregnant women not to eat any spicy food because it’s not good for their child. Myth says that spicy food can make your children becomes bald. This is so untrue and can’t be proven scientifically. Spicy food also will not make your birth process easier. 

The truth is spicy food can lead you to digestive disruption, like diarrhea. This kind of disease can make you get dehydrated. If you’re pregnant, this condition will not good for your womb since your child needs enough nutrition to grow. 

myth about pregnancy
Photo: Copyright Mirella Ingamells via dailymail.co.uk

There’sa popular myth about pregnancythat says consuming ice can make women’s pregnancy become bigger. This myth can be true, as long as the ice which is consumed is mixed with the glucose with the high level. The high glucose can make your pregnancy bigger. However, if you just consume ice with mineral water, your pregnancy will not get bigger.

Actually there’re many other popular myths about pregnancy in Indonesia. The important thing is you need to search everything about your pregnancy deeply. Not all of the myth is bad, some of them can be considered as well for your own good.