Recommended Tourist Destination In Jakarta

Jakarta is the face of Indonesia. You can see many ethnics and cultures in this big city. As a capital city of Indonesia, you can find interesting tourist destination in Jakarta as well. So here’re some great spots you need to visit while you’re in Jakarta.

Jakarta Old City

Jakarta old city is the icon of the old Jakarta. This interesting tourist destination in Jakarta has historical background and also interesting old building views. You can visit to Fathahilah Museum to learn about colonial era in Jakarta. The old view of this place has been commonly used as pre-wed or other themed photograph by so many people. You can also borrow old bicycle called ‘sepeda kumbang’ and cycle around this area to get the real sensation of Jakarta old city


Recommended Tourist Destination In Jakarta

Monas or national monument is still become one of the most iconic building not only in Jakarta, but also in Indonesia. This is the must visit interesting tourist destination in "Jakarta". Monas was firstly built in President Soekarno era in 1961. 

This tower is 132 m tall with the gold mounted on its top tower. You can reach its highest floor and get the great view of Jakarta. You can also sit and relax on the park around the monas tower. This place is also ofen used in big events or shows since it can accomodate thousands of people inside Monas Area.
Ancol Dream Park

Tourist Destination In Jakarta

This can be said as the largest amusement park in Jakarta. Ancol is located in the North Jakarta with the view of North Jawa Sea. This dream park consists of enjoyable beach, amusement park called fantasy world (dufan), hotel, art market, sea world and some other interesting tourist spots. 

Fantasy world or Dufan will offer you many fun and challenging plays like roller coaster, bianglala, korakora, Perang Bintang and so on. You can definitely have fun with your dearest friends in here. If you're planning to have more educative trip for your children, you can visit sea world. 

Your children can learn about many species who live under the sea and interact with many fishes there. You can teach ur children to love animals, especially sea animals. Another great plan in spending your time in Ancol is by having picnic at the beach. You can have fun with your family with interesting ambience and really affordable cost.

Museum Gajah

Jakarta is famous for its many fancy malls and office towers. However, you can still get the alternative trip to the museum. Going to museum is way more educative and affordable than going to the shopping malls. One of the recommended museum in Jakarta is Museum Gajah. I love this museum for its well designed and well maintenance building. 

This is the first and the biggest museum in the South East Asia. Not like the stereotype of museum, Museum Gajah will offer you a pleasant tour with the clean building, informative display and interactive design. 

You can see many historical relics from all over Indonesia, such as statue, ancient crafts and other historical matters. You can learn about Indonesian history from this museum since this museum has the most complete collections museum. This amazing Museum is located in Central Jakarta, near Monas, so that you can reach this place easily using any transportation modes.

There’re actually have more great and interesting tourist destination in Jakarta than these places mentioned above. Jakarta will give you thousand stories with memorable experiences.