Simple Steps to Treat Earache and Buzzing

Have you ever experienced an earache or your ears buzzing as there are beetles in the ear hole? Or maybe when you're shampooing and suddenly water take in your ear? It was bad indeed. So excruciating, is not it? The first thing to do is do not panic. Now check the availability of these materials and follow the steps easily treat earache naturally.

1. Olive Oil, a Thousands Benefit Oil

This oil was full of benefit. In addition to maintaining skin health and beauty, olive oil can also be used for "earache natural treatment". Quite easy. Heat the olive oil, wait until the temperature reach a lukewarm. Regularly drops of olive oil on the affected ear. Your ears must be cleaned before treatment. Do it over, at least 3 times a day, until the pain completely gone.

2. Shallots, an Anti-bacteria plants

This plant has been known for hundreds of years as a natural antibiotic for the body. Of course, Shallots can be used also to treat earache that bothers it. The way is take 3-4 shallots, mash until smooth, mix with a little water. Smeared mashed shallot on the affected ear. Apply evenly around the outer ear. Remember not to get into the ear hole. This herb can reduce the pain and swelling of the ear naturally.

Simple Steps to Treat Earache and Buzzing

3. The Miracle in Yellow

Turmeric is not hard to find. His, when your ears is buzzing, dos some treatment with this plant. Quite easy. Mash turmeric with mahogany seeds and Coleus leaves. After it’s getting smooth mix with 3 tablespoons of sesame oil and cook with a small fire to prevent burning. Then save in refrigerator. Then dripped this natural mixture into the ear.

4. Natural Sweetener and also a Cure

It is not a secret that honey is a magical drink that has many benefits. The complexity content of vitamin that body needs for the prevention and treatment of several diseases, one of which is an earache. The way is take 2-3 tablespoons of pure honey mixed with 50 cc of water. Dissolve until the liquid is completely blended, typically bright yellow. Drops into the affected ear. You can also use it to prevention as treatment. Periodically drops once a week to prevent ear pain.

treat earache naturally
5. In Garlic We Trust

This Seasoning is very familiar to Asian cuisine, indeed it has multiple benefits, as well as natural food flavorings, it can also be used as a natural treatment for earache. The way is take 8 cloves of garlic, clean washed, and boiled together with water 100 cc. Strain the cooking water with oil coming out of garlic. We only use the essential oil of garlic for treatment. Drip the oil into the affected ear.

It's very easy to prevent and treat earache naturally, fellas. The ingredients also readily available around us. So we hope you get well soon.