Simple Steps to Treat Hemorrhoid Naturally

Hemorrhoids is a disease that occurs in the rectal where the rectal lip are swelling and sometimes accompanied by bleeding. This hemorrhoid disease not only give pain to the sufferer, but also gives a sense of inferiority and shame for hemorrhoid disease. But do not panic, because hemorrhoids can still be cured by consuming natural hemorrhoid medicine.

Patients with hemorrhoids generally difficult to sit and defecate because it hurt when the rectum or sphincter get pressure. Before getting worse we should know what the early symptoms of hemorrhoids is, so that we can treat as early as possible. 

Usually the patient will experience rectal bleeding with pink colored blood dripping or flowing through the rectum. Patients will also feel a lump at the rectum when defecating so that the patient will push that can aggravate hemorrhoids. Otherwise it will feel itchy sometimes, it’s caused by viruses and bacteria that make infection. 

Some plants can be consumed regularly to "treat hemorrhoids naturally". Natural healing process did not show quick results, but have better long-term effects. Some types of plants that can be used include the Guava. But, instead of fruit that will be used, but the leaves. Guava leaves, especially the bud is believed efficacious can overcome hemorrhoids.

Simple Steps to Treat Hemorrhoid Naturally
Take a few pieces of guava leaves then wash, add one banana stone with the skin, then puree and squeeze the water. Routinely drink the juice to treat hemorrhoids. In addition, put Ambon Banana in blender and then add one glass of milk can also be a natural hemorrhoids medicine. 

Regularly drink three glasses a day to quicken hemorrhoid disease resolved. The last plant is believed to cure hemorrhoids naturally is watercress. Take a few sprigs of watercress with leaves and wash clean. Puree in a blender and strain the water. Add chicken egg and a little salt into the watercress juice. Drink once a day before going into bed so that hemorrhoids can be cured. Medicinal plants above are much more effective in treating hemorrhoids. 

In addition to consuming natural medicines. Hemorrhoid sufferers can also do light exercise such as squats. Movements performed during the squat exercise is intended to train the muscles in area around the anus become stronger and elastic. If the muscles in the anal region are experiencing hemorrhoids become strong, then the pain experienced while sitting would be reduced gradually. 

We know that hemorrhoids is a real nightmare, so that we help you as much as we can. And wish that you could get well soon!