Soursop Leaves as Cancer Natural Treatment

Soursop plants are very easy to find in tropical lands. Because the numbers are quite a lot, even sometimes the plants is growing in the yard of the house without us knowing. Do you know when the soursop plants have great efficacy in addition to its fruit is sweet and fresh? 

Yes, we can take advantage of soursop leaves as a powerful treatment for healing cancer naturally. Research on the efficacy of soursop leaves have been conducted by many scientists around the world. The studies it was concluded that the content of the soursop leaves have natural anti-cancer.

Soursop leaves containing Acetogenin compounds that is a combination of three compounds which are bulatacin, asimisin and squamosin that serves as feedent or inhibitors of multi-drug resistance (MDR) in cancer cells as study conducted by the National Cancer Institute. The researchers draw the conclusion that the compounds in soursop leaves effectively inhibit cancer cell growth and turn off cancer cells that develop in the body. 

Acetogenins have 10,000 times more powerful ability to fight cancer than Adriamycin that are sold freely on the market. Recent research also said that the crude extract of the soursop leaves in μg / ml (micrograms per milliliter) is effective if it is used to kill cancer cells completely. 

A researcher named Gomes de Melo in the medical journal publications Molecellus say that the sample cell of laryngeal cancer and lung cancer are cured using soursop leaves methanol extraction as much as 300 ml for 72 hours and then tested with cytotoxic against cancer cell samples showed positive changes in cancer treatment.

Soursop Leaves as Cancer Natural Treatment

But how to make anti-cancer herb using soursop leaves? Consider the following steps as precisely:

1. Collect some leaves to prepare your herb

Once you find the soursop tree, look at the extending branches on the tree lined with rows of leaves. The leaves which are clustered is not recommended to be plucked. Do not picking the leaves are too old, too old leaves that are dark green. Choose leaves that are clean and stains-free. 

You should pluck the leaves in the morning. A good characteristic of Soursop leaves for cancer treatment is the green leaves, the leaves look thick and stiff, with a shape that is slightly curved inward.
2. Make a potion with the following steps: prepare soursop leaves, cauldrons or pot 500 ml of water

For one time serving you should use 4 grams soursop leaf, or about 15 leaves of medium size. Wash the soursop leaves which will be used cleanly under running water. Heat water in a saucepan. Previously, chopped soursop leaves that have been washed clean, then put in the boiling water. Use low heat while making potions for 20 minutes or until the water in the pot shrinks and only the remaining 1 cup / 250 ml. Pour boiling water into a glass, and strain the leaves. Drink while it warm. 

The herb was easily made, but the results will appear gradually. It will not appear instantaneously. Make this soursop leaves herb for "cure cancer naturally", with treatment without a break for 14 days. Good luck!