Top Destination in Surabaya

Surabaya can be said as the second largest city in Indonesia, after Jakarta. This big city can be an interesting choice for your next vacation. There’re many spots that you can explore in this city. I believe that you should visit interesting tourist destination in Surabaya below.

Monument of Patriot

Top Destination in Surabaya
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It's mandatory to visit Patriot Monument when you visit Surabaya. This place is located in the center city of Surabaya, near the office of Surabaya Mayor. This monument will remind about the history of the great battle in Surabaya. This monument was created as a symbol of great movement from Surabaya citizen in fighting against colonizer. 

You can fully learn about the history of Surabaya battle by visiting the museum inside this place. If you're a student, you can enter this museum for free by simply showing your student ID card. Until now, Patriot Monument still becomes one of the most interesting tourist destination in Surabaya.
Bungkul Park

interesting tourist destination in Surabaya
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In these past 5 years, "Surabaya" has transformed its city to be more livable. Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Risma, has created some enjoyable public spaces, like parks, so that their citizen can have alternative destination besides shopping malls. Bungkul park is the icon of Surabaya Park. This park has the largest visitors, especially at night. 

You can enjoy its facilities, like skateboarding area, jogging track, child playground, water fountain and some others. If you’re lucky, you can see some fun attractions like live music, skateboarding artist and other interesting events. This park will offer the natural amusement with the nice weather for free. This park is located in the center city of Surabaya, so it’s easy for you to get here. 

House of Sampoerna

Indonesia has been famous as one of the largest cigarette production country in the world. In Indonesia itself, there’re some big cigarette brands that have had the large market both in domestic and international. In Surabaya, you can take a visit to the House of Sampoerna, the cigarette production house which is conducted by Sampoerna. 

You can see the technology used in cigarette industry from the 1933 until now. You can learn how to produce cigarette using the traditional ways. In this tourist destination, you can also visit art gallery, cafĂ© and some other attractive spots. 

Surabaya Night Carnival

Surabaya Night Carnival can be tourist destinationchoice in spending your night in Surabaya. This is currently the largest amusement park which can be visited by adults and children. 

In SNC, you can try some amusement rides or relaxing yourself in their resto. This park will open from 3 pm until night. You need to spend 200.000 as an entrance ticket for this amusement place. 
Culinary Visit

Surabaya is also well-known for its tasty culinary. While you're visiting Surabaya, you must taste its duck culinary. You can easily find many delicious duck in this town, but my personal favorite is Bebek Sinjay. 

This resto was originally located in Madura, but they have opened their branches in Surabaya. Their ducks are really tasteful and great. Its spicy mango sambal will also give you memorable eating sensation. 

Another great choice of duck food is Bebek perak, which also has been famous for its yummy fried duct. You can find the other great foods like Rawon Setan, Sambal Bu Rudy, crispy almond, spiku cake and many other so-good foods in Surabaya City.

These interesting spots in Surabaya surely will give you such a remarkable experience. Exploring Surabaya can be an interesting list for your holiday.