Top Tourist Spots in KarimunJawa

Karimun Jawa is one of the best vacation spot in Indonesia. This island is located in Center Java. If you’re planning to visit "KarimunJawa", here’re some recommended list of interesting tourist destination in Karimunjawa.


Top Tourist Spots in KarimunJawa

This is the best spot in Karimunjawa to do the snorkling. This place is located in the west side of small Menjangan island. You can see so many beautiful fishes and amazing natural sea coral in this interesting tourist destination in Karimunjawa

Snorkling here will give you very relaxing sensation for seeing colorful fishes and coral. However, you need to make sure that you will not damage its natural beautiful corals. 

Gosong Cemara

This is another spot that offers great snorkling experience in Karimun Jawa. This spot is located on the east side of big cemara island. You can also see many beautiful sea corals and fishes, just like in Maer. If you're lucky, you can swim along with turtles and other eye-catching sea animals

Tanjung Gelam Beach

tourist destination in Karimunjawa

This is the popular and must-visit beach while you are in Karimun Jawa. This interesting tourist destination in Karimun Jawa is located in the west side of Karimun Jawa Island. 

You can see the white clean sand with the blue clear ocean. You can play with the lovely sand or swimming in the not-too-deep sea. 

The weather is so fresh since there’re many large coconut trees around here. Taking photo with the background of beautiful beach and large coconut tree is a mandatory to-do list when you visit Tanjung Gelam Beach. There’re also several food stalls here with good foods. 

To get here, you can take a land transportation from Alun Alun for about 1 hour. Best time to visit Tanjung Gelam beach is when sunset. You’ll get one of the most memorable sunset in your life. 
Love Hill

Love Hill is the best spot to see the entire Karimun Jawa from the height. This hill is located at Jati Kerep Village, Karimun Jawa. From here, you can see the very clear ocean and blue sky. What a wonderful view. 

It’s also a mandatory visit for seeing Karimun Jawa from the different and unique angle. With these great scenery views and nice weather, it’s recommended to carry your lover when you visit this lovely hill. 

To get here, you can use motorcycle from Alun Alun or Center city for about 10 – 15 minutes. Best time to visit here is when sunrise and sunset. This interesting tourist destination in Karimun Jawa is the common choice from tourist to see the beautiful sunset and sunrise in Karimun Jawa

Big Menjangan Island

Do you have plan to swim with the shark? If you plan so, you can do it at Menjangan Besar Island. This is one of the largest island in Karimun Jawa. In this interesting tourist destination in Karimun Jawa, you can see the famous protected sharks swim freely in this sea. 

You can swim with them and also take a picture with them. It will give challenging and unforgettable feeling for swimming in the beautiful sea with the sharks around you. What a great vacation. 

There’re many other spots you can see in interesting tourist destination in Karimunjawa. With beautiful beaches and nice weather, you can feel the great holiday in here.