Top Tourist Destination In Medan You Should Visit

Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra, is one of the most interesting city in Indonesia that you should visit. You can find many fun and amazing spots here easily. From great lake view to the tasty foods. So here’re top interesting tourist destination in Medan you need to visit.

Medan Culinary

Tourist Destination In Medan You Should Visit

Medan culinary can be said as one of the best culinary in Indonesia. You can see various kind of foods around this city since there're some ethic groups living here. You can find different kind of meals with combination taste from Sumatra, Melayu, Chinese and Arabic. 

The icon of Medan culinary is Durian. This is the best fruit in this world for my personal taste. You can find so many great durians in this town. The popular place to buy durian is at Durian Ucok. You can also try Durian Pancake as the alternative way to consume this delicious fruit. 

If you want to taste the authentic food from here, you can try arsik, naniura (Japanese sashimi-like), soto medan and many more. Medan is also famous for its tasty cake and sweet foods. You really need to buy Bika Ambon and Bolu Meranti in Medan.

Maimun Palace

This is one of the great choice of interesting "tourist destination in Medan". Maimun palace is the heritage of royal deli or commonly known as Deli Sultanate. You can see many relics from its palace and learn how they live in that era. The best part from this place is the royal photography spot. 

So you can dress up like the royal prince and princess of Deli and pose in this palace room. This place is located near the center city of Medan, so it's easy to get here.

Tjong A Fie Mansion

This is also the alternative tourist destination if you want to such an educative trip. Tjong A Fie Mansion is the house owned by very rich men in Medan at about 100 years ago. 

In this house, you can learn how rich people live at that time. You can see many historical and ancient things used a century ago. Nowadays, this mansion has been equipped with the comfy lounge, and boutique. If you want to try the taste of Medan-Chinese foods, you can also find it here.
Lake Toba

This is the most iconic and interesting tourist destination in Medan. Lake Toba is the largest lake in South East Asia. This place was created from the biggest eruption ever happened in this world. You can see the beautiful clean water and very fresh air in this amazing area. The hills view from here is also mesmerizing. 

You can take boat to explore this large lake and get many beautiful angles. There's also the famous Samosir Island in the center of Lake Toba. You should really visit this island to feel the real sensation of Lake Toba. 

You can see the heritages of Batak ethnic which are well reserved by the people here. There're some ethnic attractions like ‘Sigale-gale doll’ that will give you a new sensation of trip. 

tourist destination in Medan

Don’t forget to buy their authentic stuffs and handicrafts, like their popular 'Kain Ulos'. Lake Toba will surely give you not only the memorable amazing views, but also a great experience in learning new culture with rich history.

Now you have known that Medan or North Sumatera in generally offers you so many interesting places with great cultures and histories. If you haven’t planned your destination for your next trip, you can definitely add Medan to your first list.