3 Tourist Destinations In Indonesia To Get Love Match

As we've already known that Indonesia has so many beautiful tourist destinations to visit. These places offer you different kind of trip experience. You can see the beautiful mount scenery, amazing beach, magnificent island and many other worth-seeing views. From these destinations, you can also the new culture and tradition from places that you visit. 

In some places, you can find unique legend or myth, including the myth about place that can give you your true lover. In this article, I'll give you some popular places in Indonesia where you can get your love match.

1. Kalijodoh Waterfall

Kalijodoh Waterfall is the popular waterfall in the South Sulawesi. From just its name, we’ve already known that we should include this spot to these 3 tourist destinations in Indonesia to get love match. This waterfall is strongly believed by its visitors can give them a mate to get married. 

Tourist Destinations In Indonesia To Get Love Match

So, most of its visitors are the young people who search for love. Many of them visit this waterfall for the sake of finding their love match instead of viewing its beautiful scenery. 

Many people there said that if you take a bath in this waterfall, you'll get your mate directly. Legend said that there were a couple who visited this place a very long ago. They prayed to god so that they can continue their relationship to the marriage, then finally they could successfully get married. 

However, this waterfall also offers you the fresh and clean water, so you will enjoy your time visiting this great tourist destination.

2. Root Bridge at Painan

This famous natural root bridge is located at Painan, 88 km from Padang City, West Java. In Padangnese language, this bridge is called 'titian aka'. This bridge is built from two tree roots which naturally unite across the Batang Bayang river. The length of this bridge is 25 m with the width of 1,5. 

Myth says that those who meet on this bridge, they will become a married couple after that. This place is worth trying for finding your love ones. If you fail to find your love mate, at least you can see its beautiful and relaxing village-view.
3. Sekar Langit Waterfall

Sekar langit was named from Javanese language which means Sky Flower. This waterfall is imagined as the flower that comes from the sky. Sekar langit waterfall comes from the top of Telomoyo Mount which is located at the border of Salatiga city and Magelang City in Center Java. 

Have you ever read the legend of Jaka Tarub story? Sekar langit waterfall is believed as the location where Jaka Tarub stole angel's shawl. 

It's believed that this place is used by beautiful angels for bathing. Up to this popular legend, many women visit this waterfall with the purpose for getting their mates. Besides, taking bath in this waterfall can make you more beautiful and have bigger boobs.

Actually, there are some other places that are popular for its magic to match man and woman into marriage. These 3 tourist destinations in Indonesia to get love match are just the examples from many other beautiful places in Indonesia that you really need to visit. 

If you’re planning to visit these places, don’t forget to learn the native culture from these places and buy the authentic traditional goods from there.