9 Wives of The First President of Indonesia, Ir Soekarno

Ir. Soekarno (Sukarno) is the founding father of Indonesia. All people in Indonesia know him very well. He was a person who proclaims Indonesia to be free from colonialism. He is usually called "Bung Karno". His real name was Koesno Sosrodiharjo. His father is Raden soekemi Sosrodiharjo, and his mother is Ida Ayu Nyoman Rai. He was born in June 6, 1901 in Surabaya. The name Soekarno was given when he was child. 

When he was a child, he was usually sick so that his parent changed his name to be Soekarno that is derived from the word Soe which mean baik, and Karna which is taken from the character of Adipati karna. 

As quoted from page www.kejadiananeh.com, The story of his life can inspire Indonesian people. Moreover, the story of his life cannot be separated from the story of Indonesia. He is well-known to have 9 wives. The following are 9 wives of the first president of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno 


Oetary Tjokroaminoto was the first wife of 9 wives of the Founding father of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno. Soekarno Married her in 1921 in Surabaya. 

At that moment, Soekarno was 20 years old while Oetari was 16 years old. She was a daughter of his teacher, HOS Tjokro Aminoto. Soekarno married Oetari no because of love. He married her because he wanted to help the family of his teacher HOS Tjokro Aminoto. 

9 Wives of The First President of Indonesia Ir Soekarno

At that moment, the wife of his teacher just died. Soekarno did not love his wife, Oetari, as a husband to his wife, so did she. The national movement at that moment made him busy. 

Moreover, the character of Oetari was still childish. Their relationship was not like a husband and a wife, but it was like a brother and a sister. After studying in Bandung, then, Soekarno divorced Oetari. 

Inggit Garnasih

When studying in Bandung, Soekarno rent a room in Inggit Garnasih’s House in 1921. At the first sight, he admired Inggit Garnasih. She was a widow. His husband, Sanusi, divorced her. At that moment, Soekarno was 20 years old, and Inggit Garnasih was 33 years old. Inggit Garnasih is a faithful woman. She always listened to what was told by Soekarno. 

When he was punished in the Sukamiskin Jail, Inggit Garnasih always accompanied him. Inggit became a person who connected Soekarno with his friend outside of the jail. Their marriage was almost 20 years. They did not a child. In 1943, Soekarno divorced her because she did not want him to marry again with another girl.

When banished in Bengkulu, Soekarno met Fatmawati. She was a daughter of Hassan Din, a member of Muhammadiyah organization in Bengkulu. At that moment, Soekarno was 44 years old, and Fatmawati was 22 years old. They married in February 1943. 

The First President of Indonesia

She accompanied his husband to declare the proclamation of Indonesia. She was the first lady. She was also know as a woman who sewed  the flag of Indonesia. From Tatmawati, Soekarno had five children. They are Guntur Soekarnoputra, Megawati Soekarnoputri, Rachmawati Soekarnoputri, Sumawati Soekarnoputri, and Guruh Soekarnoputra. 


She was faithful woman who ever became a wife of Ir. Soekarno. They married in 1953. He was 29 years old when marred with him. He was a widow with 5 children. They firstly met in Prambanan temple when Ir. Soekarno, as a president, visited that temple. 

After they met in Prambanan temple, a year then they married. From thir marriage, they had two children. They are Taufan Soekarnoputra and Bayu Soekarnoputra. She became his wife until the end of his life. She accompanied Soekarno in Gatot Subroto hospital in June 21, 1970 when Soekarno died. 

Kartini Manoppo

He was one of 9 wives of Ir. Soekarno. He love her so much. He married Kartini Manoppo in 1959. From her, Soekarno had a child named Totok suryawan Sukarno in 1967. They firstly met when Kartini Manoppo is as a stewardess of Garuda Indonesia. She usually accompanied the president of Sukarno when getting aboard. Kartini Manoppo is a girl from Bolaang Mangondow. 

Ratna Sari Dewi

Her real name is Naoko Nemoto. She was bor in February 6, 1940 in Tokyo. The name of Ratna Sari Dewi was given to her by Sukarno. She married Soekarno when she was 19 years old, and Sukarno was 57 years old. They had a child. Her name is Kartika Sari Dewi Sukarno. 

The story of their meeting firstly was very interesting. They met firstly in Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. Firstly, she was a student and an entertainer. After she was divorced, she went to some countries in Europe such as Switzerland and France. In 2008, she stayed in Shibuya, Tokyo. 


She used to be a dancer in the palace of President before becoming a wife of Sukarno. Moreover, he also used to be a staff of secretary art state. Because of her job, she got closer to the president. Firstly she had a boyfriend. 

However, it did not make Sukarno retreat to get her love. Finally Haryati agreed to marry with Sukarno in May 21 1963. At that moment she was 23 years old. Three years later, Sukarno divorced her without having a child. 

Yurike Sanger

Ir. Sukarno firstly met Yurike Sanger in 1963 when she was a student. She also became a member of Bhinneka tunggal Ika marchers. When looking at her, he felt interested at the first sight. Then, he went to Yurike’s house and proposed to her to be his wife. Her parent agreed. 

Then, in August 6 1964, they married. In 967 Sukarno was under house arrest at Wisma Yoso. Then, he dicorced Yurike Singer even though both still loved one another. 
Heldy Djafar

soekarno wife

She was one of  9 wives of the son of dawn, Ir. Sukarno. He married her in 1966. He was 65 years old, and Heldy Djafar was 18 years old. She is a girl from Kutai Kertanegara. Their marriage was just about two years. 

When Sukarno was under house arrest at Wisma Yoso, Heldy ever wanted to be divorced. However, Sukarno was rejected. After being divorced, Heldy Married again with Gusti Suriansyah Noor.