Top Beauty Makeup and Fitness Secrets of Princess Madeleine

Princess Madeleine can be said as one of the most popular princess in the world today. She is princess from the Kingdom of Sweden. In 2011, she was included in the most beautiful princess in the World list conducted by CBS. 

She has been famous for both outer and inner beauty. She has such a remarkable beauty of European woman. To become as beautiful as her, you can try to follow these beauty, makeup and fitness secrets of Princess Madeleine.

Inner Beauty 

The most important part from Princess Madeleine beauty secret is her inner beauty. This point should be listed in these 8 effective beauty, makeup and fitness secrets of Princess Madeleine. She is popular for having such a pure heart. Growing up in the royal family doesn’t make her arrogant. 

Natural and Flawless Makeup

For makeup, Princess Madeleine prefers to use the very natural make up. With the natural beauty that she has already had, using the natural make up is the great choice. She only uses the mascara for making her eyes more glowing. 

For her lips, she chooses the light color such as the light pink lip stick color for her beautiful lips. She doesn’t like to use the heavy make up because she feels uncomfortable for taking too much cosmetic to her face skin. 

Beauty Makeup and Fitness Secrets of Princess Madeleine

Natural skin product

She pays high attention to her skin health so that she is really picky in choosing the beauty for her face skin. She really maintains her beautiful and healthy skin.

Good Fashion Choice

Princess Madeleine has the good sense of fashion that makes her look extravagant. Simple look with the catchy and natural color combination can create such a gorgeous fashion statement for her. Her simple fashion represents her natural and simple personality. 

Color Combination

She likes to combine some colors to her look. The combination of colors represents the beauty of her life. However, Princess Madeleine also likes to wear the Sweden traditional costumes and ethnic accessories for completing her beautiful look. 

Fitness Secrets

Princess Madeleine also puts her attention for her body's health and body treatment. To maintain her healthy body, she prefers to practice dances routinely. She also likes to ride a horse so that it can keep her fit and beautiful. 


As an addition for her fitness tips, she likes to do simple sports like jogging and walking. These activities can simply boost her fitness.

Beauty Secrets of Princess Madeleine
Active in social activities

She like to contribute in many social activities instead. She feels that creating the strong bond with so many people can improve her quality. She is the kind hearted woman with the strong personality. This is the real beauty that every woman should have.

These 8 effective beauty, makeup and fitness secrets of Princess Madeleine mentioned above are actually the basic thing that every woman should have. Pure heart, nice personality, natural makeup, simple look and healthy lifestyle are the main quantity to be a beautiful woman. 

Princess Madeleine shows us that being the beautiful woman is actually very simple and easy. Your natural beauty will be the most important thing that makes you really beautiful. Princess Madeleine has the natural beauty that makes her become one of the most beautiful woman alive today.