The Best Acne Treatment Based on Home Remedies

Not surprisingly acne is the most frequent dermatological complaint. This problem affects women and men of all ages. Almost all teenagers suffer from acne.  

If you think that clear skin is nothing but a wish, you should think again. Scientists have discovered numerous acne remedies which are effective and save. Quite a lot of these remedies can be made at home. 

It’s quite easy to understand which home remedies are effecting in treating acne once you know the basic causes of acne. 

Some home remedies work through opening pores that are clogged, while others try to get away the bacteria on the skin. Some remedies are used for soothing the inflammation and swelling of pimples. 

You should experiment with the home remedies enumerated below and see which one works best for you. Let us have a look at some of the best acne tratment based on home remedies :

Best Acne Treatment Based on Home Remedies

Best acne tratment based on home remedies no. 1: Fresh mint juice

Put fresh mint juice on the face every night. Mint juice is effective in treating severe nodular or cystic acne. 

Application before going to sleep is usually enough but if this method works for you, it should be repeated every morning. Mint is a home remedy that works anti-inflammatory and can therefore help radically reduce the inflammation connected with severe acne.

Best acne tratment based on home remedies no. 2: Cinnamon and honey

Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 3 tablespoons of honey to make a paste. Apply this on skin with nodular acne before going to sleep and wash the paste next morning with warm water. 

Regularly repeat this treatment for two weeks. This paste is very efficient for severe cystic acne. It also works fast for light as well as moderate cystic acne.

Honey is known as an antibiotic and possesses many other virtues. That is also the reason why many products for skin care incorporate this ingredient. 

Cinnamon on the other hand includes antioxidants. The combination of both of the ingredients helps to kill the bacteria that make pimples.
Best Acne Treatment

Best acne tratment based on home remedies no. 3: Seawater

Use warm salty water to wash your face every day (or even twice per day). This treatment helps make your face oil-free and clean. It is also good for your skin because it does not employ any soaps or irritating products.