Best Acne Treatment Products: What Really Works?

Nowadays you can find numerous acne products in drugstores and pharmacies. A lot of them are advertised as the best acne products. We will explain why these products differ so much, what the main ingredients you should look after are and how you should use the products to achieve best results.

We can find a number of over-the-counter products to treat our mild and moderate acne as well as periodic breakouts. How can you tell which acne product is the best for your skin?

Before grabbing the closest package, it is good to learn how these products work and know which ingredients you should look for. After that, build up a kind skin care routine to prevent acne breakouts.


There are different ways in which acne product chase away their enemies. These ways depend on the ingredients they have. For example some products kill the bacterium which causes inflammation of acne. 

Others, for instance, take out excess oils from our skin. Quite a lot of them work by speeding up two important processes in skin: new cells growth or dead cells removal. Few acne products simply combine more of the above ingredients and with them different treatments.

Further on we discuss some frequent active ingredients that are included in acne products and we also describe the way they work to treat bad skin.
Best Acne Treatment Products

Best Acne Treatment Products
  • Best acne treatment products contain: Benzoyl peroxide -  most likely the most efficient active ingredient which helps get rid of excess oils and takes away dead cells which clog your pores. Most people find it effective and tolerate it well. 
  • Best acne treatment products contain: Salicylic acid - slows the peeling of the skin cells inside your hair follicles. This stops the clogging of the pores. In addition to that it can also break down blackheads and whiteheads. 
  • Best acne treatment products contain: Alpha hydroxy acids - lactic acid and glycolic acid  treat acne by removing dead cells and reducing inflammation. Apart from that they also encourage the growth of new skin, which in effect helps decrease acne scars.
  • Best acne treatment products contain: Sulfur - gets rid of dead cells on your skin which clog the pores and aids in removing excess oil. However sulfur can also cause dry skin.