Best Acne Treatment Reviews

Surely your mom or grandmother has some useful formulas to prevent acne. If not it is advisable you continue reading since here you will learn more about best acne treatment reviews for home remedies that are tried-and-true. 

Commonly, home remedies include ingredients that can be found in almost any kitchen. Most of home remedies have been in use since the time when over-the-counter products that helped you prevent acne were very rare. 

However home remedies are still very much in use in America and in many other parts of the world, particularly in developing nations where people do not have money to spend on acne treatments.

Best acne treatment reviews no. 1: Lemon and rosewater

Squeeze a lemon and make a mix of its juice with equal parts of rosewater. Apply the mixture to your face and after 30 minutes rinse it off. The combination of these acids and anti-oxidants aids the skin to disinfect and causes exfoliation. Exfoliation helps  pores to unclog and prevents future clogs.

Best acne treatment reviews no. 2: Garlic

Crush some garlic and put it on your face. Be careful not to put any around your eyes, because that will burn. Garlic is known as an antibiotic and it aids to get rid of bacteria on your skin.

Best acne treatment reviews

Best acne treatment reviews no. 3: Nettle 

Some people strongly believe that nettle tea works like a miracle in chasing away acne. It indeed has many healing properties. You can begin getting rid of your skin problems from the inside by drinking four cups of nettle tea every day.
Best acne treatment reviews no. 4: Aloe vera 

Gel of aloe vera makes acne lesions heal faster and helps prevent occurrence of scars. Fresh aloe vera is the most efficient in treating acne. It is best to buy a plant and keep in your home. This way you can break off a stalk of aloe vera whenever you need one.

Apart from that aloe is also supposed to have antibacterial properties. Not surprisingly it is the main ingredient in many anti-acne products.