Blue Light Acne Treatment Reviews

When it comes to the treatment of acne Blue light  is by many believed to be the best of all the trends existing within the medical field. For better judgement of this product we collected opinions from thise who have already tested it. 

Blue light acne treatment reviews:

First among the blue light acne treatment reviews 

Yuri from Seattle
I have moderate acne and tried this product. It was expensive (it cost me $900) and did not work. I did six treatments which started by a cosmetician performing microdermabrasion and extractions and then continued with levulan and the blue light.There wasn’t any improvement at all.

Second among the blue light acne treatment reviews 

Urška from Slovenia
I have light acne and I recommend this product. I achieved less oily skin. During the healing my face felt tight afterwards it peeled and was red, but with time the redness faded. If I were you I wouldn’t expect anything except for less oil production. 

It helped to reduce the oiliness therefore I think in the long run it might also help with cysts. However it is not helpful with any other skin problems I have. One thing that really bothered me about this products was that I got whiteheads which I had not had before.

Blue Light Acne Treatment
Third among the blue light acne treatment reviews 

Simon from England
Blue light acne treatment aided my skin with hyperpigmentation a bit. However I do not recomment it because of the downtime, tiny bumps it causes under the skin and cystic breakouts. I paid and had five treatments and my skin has been looing worse since the start to the end of these treatment. I had mild acne and would now consider it moderate with some cysts.

Fourth among the blue light acne treatment reviews 

Brisa from Spain
I have moderate acne severity and this worked for me for a few months. During that time I really disliked having to stay indoors for three days and avoiding sun for a whole week. I also think it is too expensive and gradually your skin develops immunity.