Dragon Fruit and Its Benefits for Health

Dragon fruit is originally from Mexico, Central America. People there call it as Pitaya. Then, where is the name of dragon. Dragon name is taken from Vietnamese who believe that this fruit is blessed so that they place this fruit between two dragons. Then, many people call it as dragon fruit. 

Actually dragon fruit is suitable to be consumed by all ages. It is suitable for babies, children, adult, and old people. Dragon fruit is rich in nutrients, and vitamins. Fiber in this fruit has great benefits for digestion, and it can regulate the levels of blood sugar. Moreover, black seeds of dragon fruit contain the essential fatty acid. 

These substances make dragon fruit very good for the health of the body so that it is appropriate to consume this fruit every day. In other word, good benefits of dragon fruit for the health are suitable for the body. 

Actually there are four types of dragon fruit. Those types can be simplified as follows: two types which have the red meat with the red or the pink color and two types which have the white meat with the red or yellow color. Those four types of dragon fruit basically have the good benefits for the health. The followings are some benefits of dragon fruit as follows:

Dragon Fruit and Its Benefits for Health
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It can Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases. This disease is very difficult to cure. It is said that it is better to prevent than to cure. Dragon fruit can be used as one of the ways to prevent the cancer. You can consume this fruit regularly. Dragon fruit is very rich of Vitamin C. 

This vitamin is one of the main antioxidant which is able to prevent cell damage/DNA caused by the free radicals. Actually the cancer is caused by the free radicals. Therefore, one of health benefits of dragon fruit is that it can prevent the cancer. 
It is good for Heart

The next advantage of the dragon fruit for the health is to keep the health of the heart. It can decrease the amount of bad cholesterol, and it can also increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body. It contains Phytochemical Captin which can keep the heart health. Phytochemical Captin is usually used to cure the heart problem, and you get it through dragon fruit naturally. 

It can Prevent Diabetes 

Although dragon fruit contains sugar, the fiber of this fruit is high so that dragon fruit is very useful to prevent and to cure diabetes. Moreover, it contains vitamin B3 which can help to prevent diabetes, especially type 1 and type 2. Both are the types that are usually suffered by people. Therefore, the useful benefits of dragon fruit for health make this fruit is recommended to consume. 

dragon fruit for the health
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It can Keep the Health of Eyes

The last benefit of dragon fruit for the health is that it is very effective to keep the health of the eyes. It contain beta carotene which I very useful for the eyes, so it can be used as one of the alternative choice to keep the health of eyes if you feel bored in consuming carrot or others which contain beta carotene. 

The Last Advantage

Dragon fruit can be the alternative solution for cough and asthma disease. This fruit will not cure these diseases entirely, but it can surely reduce your cough and any other respiration issues. With the high vitamin C containment, dragon fruit can improve your immune system so that you won’t get sick easily.