Effects of Acne to an Individual

Acne is chronic and an irritating skin disease. It is most common among the youths but medical statistics as carried out by the dermatologist reveals that about one-quarter of eleven to thirty years of age populace are likely to suffer the chronic disease in the near future.

In this short piece of art, I address some of the most common social problems people encounter with acne. It is common that acne is harmless, but that is not the entire case here. Acne has some several derailing social effects, a more reason you should start dealing with it as soon as you realize you have it.


Acne patients are always self-conscious. They tend to concentrate more on what they public think about them rather than what they can do to treat the condition itself. As a patient, you tend to take yourself like an outcast or someone going through a strange ailment never seen before.


This comes hand in hand with being self-conscious. The mind brings about self-consciousness. Since self-consciousness is more about what you think of yourself, you become embarrassed especially when you think about the public eyes.

Effects of Acne to an Individual


You feel discriminated. At other times, this may not be a feeling but a real occasion. Particular individuals may consider you an outcast and shun being around you and as a result, stigmatization in its full blow may down on you.

Loss of self-esteem and assertiveness:

You lose your self-value. You tend to think there are better people than you are and the best you can do is nothing but wish this had never happened to you. You totally become indecisive and find it hard to relate to the people in the society.

Dealing with it:

You need to find a solution for best acne treatment. This site will show you easy to follow leads to handling acne. This will give you the ability, as a sufferer, to restore your facial skin back to its original state.