Facts and Characteristic of Indonesian People

Every country has the characteristic which is different each others. The characteristic of American People is, of course, different from Indonesian people. Indonesia has many tribes and ethnic groups. It can be said that Indonesia has the biggest tribes and ethnic groups in the world. 

Every tribe and ethnic group has local dialect or vernacular that is different among them. In other words, if we want to know the characteristic of Indonesian people we should sum up from the characteristic of every tribe and ethnic group. 

Here is an article about facts and characteristic of Indonesian people. This writing is just a subjective point of view taken from some references. Moreover, there is a 'touch' of experience described based on the society we live. 

They are Imaginative in using Languages

It is said that 'a Language represents the nation'. It means that we can find out the character of people of the country form the language they used. It can be the first or the second language. 

As we know, many people in Indonesia have the first language or mother tongue which is different from other people from other country. 

Facts and Characteristic of Indonesian People

Most people in other countries mostly use one language to communicate. However, Indonesian people use more than one language. 

For example, Javanese people must use more than one language. It can be the first language, Javanese language, or the second language, Indonesian language. 

They may also have the ability to use the language pro other ethnic groups such as Sudanese, Bugis, etc. 

Moreover, Indonesian people can identify a thing completely using their language for example Indonesian language as language of nationality. In Indonesian language we can translate rice not only nasi, but also padi and beras. 

In other words, a thing in Indonesia is identified completely. We use nasi for the rice wich has been cooked. We use pad for the rice which is still in the field, and we use beras for the rice which has been harvested. Therefore, they can describe a thing completely. 

Almost every ethnic group in Indonesia has the language. In that language there are levels used as the sign of politeness. 

For example, in Javanese language, there are three levels of usage of the language. They are Kromo Inggil, Kromo Alus, and Ngoko. Every level indicates the level of politeness. The highest level is Kromo Inggil while the lowest level is Ngoko. 

Actually this happens not only at Javanese language, but also at other languages of some ethnic groups in Indonesia. 

Based on the previous explanation, it can be conclude that Indonesian people is very imaginative in using language. 

They can use many languages, and they can describe every single thing completely which expressed by using their language. Therefore, imaginative in using language can be a truth of characteristic of people in Indonesia

Indonesian People are very creative 

Indonesian people can make many things from one basic material. For example, they can make one basic material, cassava, in Indonesia we say is as singkong, to become many kinds of food. 

For example, they can use a basic material, Singkong, to make many kinds of food such as Klepon, Kripik, Lemet, Dadar Gulung, etc. 

Moreover, they can make the best use materials to make many handicrafts. For example, people in Indonesia can make the best use of dried coconut leaf to many kinds of handcraft. 

Based on these phenomena we can conclude that Indonesian people is very creative. Actually many things that show Indonesia people are very creative.

Indonesian People is artistic 

One of "real characteristics related to Indonesian people" is that they are artistic. Indonesia people tend to live with their feeling and their instinct. Therefore, they can develop the artistic sense through the artistic creations. 

We will find the beautiful handicraft in every place in Indonesia. Almost places in Indonesia have their own special and certain handicraft, leather craft, wood craft, etc. That shows people in Indonesia are artistic.

They are very Tolerant

Indonesia consists of many language, religions, and ethnic groups which have the differences in the characteristics of each other. However, those differences can be managed well. They are very tolerant to face the differences. 

For Muslim for example, they can tolerate Christian. In fact, Banser, a member of organization under Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), keeps Christmas in the church. Christian also congratulate Muslim on Idul Fitri. Related to ethic groups, there is no discrimination among ethnic group in Indonesia. 

All ethnic groups tolerate each other. This is the real characteristic of Indonesian people. Therefore, people in Indonesia are very tolerant to face the differences among them.  

They are very friendly

Based on the culture of the country which use English as the first language such as USA or England, asking 'where will you go?' when they meet people they know or they do not know can be something impolite. 

People who use English as the first language think that asking such question is inappropriate. They will answer 'none of your business or mind your business?'. 

However, in Indonesia when we meet people we know well, it is better for us to as such question. If we do not ask, it can be something impolite. Moreover, people who are asked also will answer nicely. This is just one case indicating that Indonesian people is very friendly. 

However, actually there are many example to give in order to show that Indonesian people is very friendly.

Indonesian People Like to Cooperate 

What is the English of 'gotong-royong'? This word is very aesthetic and has large meaning. In English, that word mean 'mutual cooperation'. This is one of the real characteristic done by Indonesian people, especially people who live in the villages. 

Facts about indonesia

People in the village cooperate each other to help their neighbors when they celebrate weeding party for example without asking the pay. They help sincerely without asking the pay. People in the city also can cooperate to help each other. 

For example, if there is an accident in highway, people there cooperate to help each other. Both examples can represent that people in Indonesia like to cooperate.