How To Live Without Sugar for a Whole Week

Diet is one of the most important mater that can affect your health and emotion. The good and proper diet can make your body healthier and your life better. Sugar is one of popular ingredient which is commonly found in many different meals. It’s almost hard for you to live without sugar. 

However, the high consumption of sugar is not really good for your health. To start the better life, I believe that you should try the one-week diet without sugar. Here’re the tips for you who want to do this kind of diet.  

Avoid processed foods  

The first thing to need to do in this how to live without sugar for a whole week list is by avoiding the processed meals. 

One simple tips for avoiding sugar consumption in your body is by consuming the non-canned foods and beverages. It's better for you to avoid the consumption of processed foods like processed canned soup, frozen processed foods, low fat meals and many more. 

How To Live Without Sugar for a Whole Week
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These foods will contain the high level of sugar and sodium that can possibly harm your body. To run this non-sugar diet, you should try to consume the home made foods. For the vegetables supplies, you should choose the fresh or frozen veggies instead of canned veggies.

No junk foods

Most people in big city tend to have meal in the popular restaurant or cafe. These popular restaurants commonly serve the junk food which contains high sodium and sugar. To live without sugar, you can choose to bring food from house which is much healthier than the junk foods served in the popular restaurant. 

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You also need to select the restaurant which serves homemade foods which have minimum level of sugar and sodium. There're currently many caterings which offer homemade healthy foods. You can pick this choice as an alternative of mainstream restaurants and cafes.

Healthy snack

Diet without sugar doesn’t mean that you can’t eat snack. You can choose the healthy snack, such as plain nuts with the addition of little bit salt if you want. 

You can replace the sweet snacks like candies, chocolate or cake with the natural sweet foods like fresh fruit or natural nut jam. This menu will help you maintaining your no sugar diet program.
Natural seasoning

The next thing you need to do in how to "live without sugar" for a whole week is using the natural seasoning to your food. 

To make your foods tasty, you don’t have to use the sugar or salt. Instead, you can use the natural seasonings like onions, curry, chili or hot paper. These natural ingredients can make your dish delicious without any sugar added. It’s simpler and healthier of course.

Live Without Sugar
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The most important thing you need to remember in applying this no sugar in a week diet is the consistency. 

You should commit to yourself that you will follow this diet plan without consuming any sugar. Plus, you should do the other healthy activities like doing sport, and having enough sleep and rest. If you can continue this diet, I’m sure that you can get healthy body and healthy mind as well.