Myths and Facts about Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease can be said as the complicated disease. This kind of disease is not caused by virus or bacteria, but caused by the immune system which works the wrong job. In this case, your immune system will attack your own body’s tissues. 

This is caused by your immune system is not able to differ the strange cells and your body’s cells. There is almost all organ that can possibly suffer from this disease, including your brain, eyes, heart, muscles and many more. So here’re some popular myths and facts that you need to know about autoimmune disease.  

Food and Supplements can heal the autoimmune disease

Yes, this autoimmune disorder can be healed by healthy foods and supplements. The popular myths and facts about autoimmune disease say that this kind of disease can only be treated by the harsh medicine. Most of the conventional medication recommend you to take many medications and consume many heavy medicines so that you can get rid of autoimmune disease. 

Myths and Facts about Autoimmune Disease
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Actually, having the right and proper amount of nutrient to your body can help you to treat the autoimmune disease. The healthy foods can obviously be your better choice for treating autoimmune disease rather than taking the harsh drugs. 

Medicine to treat autoimmune disease can give you drawbacks

This is also the important facts about autoimmune disease that you need to know. The conventional medication that makes you consuming drugs will have bigger possibility of drawbacks to your health. We have heard the myth before that these medications won’t give you drawbacks and very minimum effects. 

In fact, the effects of consuming medicines to treat autoimmune disease are commonly disruptive for your body’s health. 
Autoimmune disease is irreversible

This is another "myths about autoimmune disease" that you should remember. Last time we know that the autoimmune disease is mainly caused by the genetic part in your body. And we know previously that it will be almost impossible to modify the human genes. 

myths about autoimmune disease
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However, as the studies about genetics heavily grow, it has been currently possible to modify your gene. The genes in your body that cause the autoimmune disease can be turned off by the modified diets, intestinal healing and healthy lifestyle. 

Autoimmune disease is fully caused by your genes

This is also the top myths and facts about autoimmune disease that should be known. It’s true that genes can cause you the autoimmune disease, but this part only plays 25% of causing the autoimmune disease. The other factors that cause your autoimmune disorder are the environmental problems. 

So your lifestyle and your diet can obviously effect the autoimmune disease. These approaches can be used to heal the autoimmune disease for sure. 

There’re some other facts and myths about this disease that you need to know actually. The important thing to know this disease clearly is by looking for many trusted sources that can give you the right answer. You really need to ask the doctor for giving you any explanation related to this disorder.