Natural Way to Treat Keloid Scar

What is Keloid? Then, simply it is answered that "Keloid" is the scar which is enlarged because of the abnormal growth of skin fiber. Keloid will be formed from time to time. Then, keloid scar will be enlarged. Generally keloid doe not cause the pain. However, sometimes it can make the skin itchy. Of course it can make you feel not comfortable. 

Actually keloid does not cause the health problem. However, many people do not like to have an enlarged scar. Some people choose to do surgery injection, or laser treatment as the way to remove the enlarged scar, keloid. 

The question, then, are they the only way? Is there a way to cure keloid without surgery, injections, or laser treatments? Of course there is another way you can do to treat keloid. It is natural therapy for keloid scar. This way to eliminate keloid scar is very natural. In other words, it is very safe, and of course it is very cheap. You can do this way in your house.

Aloe Vera

It is very good to treat kelod scar. It can help to reduce inflammation, and it can maintain the skin moisture. Moreover, it can heal the damaged skin and can prevent the infection of the skin. It is easy to use aloe Vera to teat keloid scar. There are just two steps. First, you should clean the scar with the warm water. 

Second, you use the gel of aloe Vera to the scar twice a day. The best time is in the morning and the night before sleeping. Therefore, you can use aloe Vera as natural treatment for keloid scars. Besides, that way is very easy, and of course it is very cheap.  

Natural Way to Treat Keloid Scar

Honey can moisturize the skin so that it can be used as a treatment for keloid. The way to use honey to treat keloid scar is very easy. First, you should apply the fresh honey to the scar. 

Second, you massage smoothly to the scar area to improve the circulation of the blood and to prevent accumulation of dead skin cells. For the best result, you can use hone which is made by the bees from the nectars of Tualang tree. This special honey can reduce the growth of the number of cells in keloid.

Lemon Juice

It is known as the fresh and nice drink. However, it can be used as the way to treat keloid scar naturally. What does it contain? Lemon juice contains high antioxidant and vitamin C.  Both are very helpful in treating keloid scar. 

Moreover, both can treat various types of wounds. Just in few weeks after using lemon juice, you can see the significant increase in the color, appearance, and flexibility of keloid scar. 

How to use lemon juice to treat keloid scar? It is really easy. First, you need to squeeze some fresh lemon juice. 

Second, you apply it to the scar area. Let stand for about two hours. Third, you wash the scar area with the warm water. Do these processes at least two times a day.