13 Nutrition and Food Myths Busted

Food is one of the most important matter which is highly considered by most people. We always want to choose the best food which can make us healthier. However, there’re actually many myths about foods that have been believed as the true fact by many people since a long ago. 

These myths can possibly give the bad effect to our health instead. To make you know the truth about foods you consume, these are the top "nutrition and food myths busted".

Egg can raise your body's cholesterol level

It's known that egg can contain up to 200 mg cholesterol in one serving. It's said that this high cholesterol containment can disrupt your heart function. In fact, consuming the cholesterol foods will not directly raise the cholesterol level in your body. Researches show that only 30% people who get the enhanced level of cholesterol in their body after eating the cholesterol meals. 

Research from Harvard also proves that consuming egg will not raise the possibility of getting heart attack disease. Consuming eggs are proven to improve the good cholesterol level in your body. This is one of the most popular 13 nutrition and food myths busted that you really need to know.

Avoid cheese consumption

This is also the myth that you shouldn’t believe. Cheese is the biggest calcium source. It also contains protein, linoleate acid and fat which have the anti-cancer substances. Consuming cheese can also save your heart. For healthier choice, you can pick the low fat cheese in your diet.

13 Nutrition and Food Myths Busted
Fresh vegetables are better than frozen vegetables

There are currently many people who avoid to consume frozen veggies because they assume that frozen veggies contain less vitamin than the fresh one. In fact, this assumption is only a myth. 

Frozen veggies may contain more nutrition since these foods are frozen after they are cultivated. The frozen vegetables are not put in the supermarket for many days before they are purchased by consumer.

Pure honey won’t be surrounded by ants

Naturally, ants will get closer to the sweet foods, including honey. If the liquid level contained in honey is low, ant can’t absorb honey liquid from this honey. But if the liquid level in honey is more than 22%, ant will come closer to the honey. 

However, the bitter honey with the very low level of liquid will not be surrounded by ants since it’s not sweet. 

Carbohydrate will be stored as fat in human’s body

The truth is every over-consumed food will be stored as fat in your body. It’s not only the carbohydrate. Calories amount contained in carbohydrate actually equals to the calories level of protein. But carbo will make you more full than the protein. 

So, it’s not true if you limiting carbo if you want to get slimmer. You should limit the overall calories level you consume every day. 

Eat in small portion and frequent time

Eating the small portion meals in frequent time tends you to eat more instead. You also need to remember that small portion meal can also contain more calories than the normal portion meal. So, it’s recommended for you to eat the proper portion of foods in normal eating times (morning, day and night)

French fries won’t make you fat

Consuming French fries, even in the small portion, has been proven can increase your weight. This meal is said to be the fastest meal that can increase human’s body weight.

Sea salt is better than the normal salt

This is the untrue statement. Both sea salt and ordinary salt contain half of sodium and half of chloride. They only have the different color but still have the same containment.

Organic foods are healthier 
Some studies about organic foods still reveal the inconsistent results. There’s research that shows that vitamin c contained in organic tomato is higher than normal planted tomato. 

On the other side, some studies show that there’s no significant differences of nutrient contained in organic foods compared to normal foods. The nutrient contained in food actually is determined by how long that food is planted and how long it has been displayed on the market’s food rack. 

Eating above 8pm is not allowed

This is also the popular myth of eating. Eating will not depend on the time you have meal, but it will depend on the food you consume, amount of meal you eat and activities you do along the day. 

These 3 factors will influence your weight for sure. This because anytime you eat, your body will store the excess calories in the form of fat. If you want to have meal at night, you need to consider how much calories that you've taken at that day. 

Eating shrimp with vitamin c will get you poisoned

Yes, this is just another popular myth about food that you don’t have to believe. Shrimp with vitamin C won’t create the arsenic poison. In fact, vitamin c contains antioxidant which can neutralize the cholesterol contained in shrimp. So it’s absolutely safe for combining shrimp with vitamin C. 

Chocolate will cause acnes problem

Actually it’s not the chocolate that can cause acnes in your skin. It’s the sugar that creates acnes. The good quality chocolate is actually good for your body since it contains phenylalanine, popularly known as ‘love hormone’, which is secreted when you’re in love. 

nutrition and food myths busted

Alcohol can boost your appetite

There're also myth about drinking alcohol which is associated with your appetite. In fact, drinking alcohol will give the bad impact for the heavy alcohol drinker. These heavy drinkers tend to eat the bad nutrient foods. Consuming alcohol drinks also can improve the possibility of getting lack of protein, calcium, vitamin and riboflavin disorders. 

Actually there’re many other myths about foods that should be included in these 13 nutrition and food myths busted list. The key to avoid these myths is by keep reading to many trusted sources. You also need to ask for doctor or nutrient specialist for the trusted facts about foods and nutrients.