Omed Omedan, A Unique Tradition From Bali

Indonesia is a rich country not only in natural capital but also in many traditions. We can see that all places in Indonesia have their own traditions that are different each other. In this occasion, I will give the example of tradition that is held in Bali. Of course this island is very famous not only in Indonesia itself but also in the world. 

If people from foreign countries hear about Indonesia, many of them think automatically about Bali. This Island is well-known as an island which has many unique traditions. Every part related to Bali Island can attract the tourists from foreign countries. One thing that makes many tourists attract in Bali is that they can involve directly toward the traditions that people do. 

There is a "unique tradition Omed-omedan in Bali, Indonesia". This tradition is held once a year after Nyepi. That tradition is held in Sesetan village, and of course just in that village. Omed-omedan comes from the word omed that means “to pull”.  

Omed Omedan A Unique Tradition From Bali
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Therefore, Omed-omedan means 'to pull one another'. In other word, Omed-omedan is a tradition where a man and a girl are raised. Then, both of them hug and kiss one another. Kissing? Yes, kissing one another. That is a fact.

The History of Omed-Omedan Kissing Festival

The unique tradition Omed-omedan in Bali, Indonesia was held since a long time ago. Firstly this unique tradition was held by the people from Puri Oka, a kingdom in Bali. 

After celebrating Nyepi, the people from Puri Oka did the celebration named Omed-omedan. They were very enthusiastic in celebrating Omed-omed. Then, that celebration became noisy. 

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At that moment, the king of Puri Oka kingdom was sick. The king was very angry because the celebration was very noisy. Then, he came out to see the celebration. He would scold his people. However, after seeing the celebration, Omed-omedan, he felt better and became healthy. 

Then, the king did not scold his people and allowed the people to celebrate Omed-omedan. Since then, that tradition is held regularly every year. Some people believe that if this tradition is not held every year, something worst will happen. 

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In 1970, Omed-omedan was not held because of a certain reason. Then, there was an incident. There were two pigs that fight in the yard of Pura. Both pigs got a serious wound. 

Later, both disappeared. People thought that it could be a bad sign. Because of that incident, Omed-omedan is held again until now. 
The Steps in Celebrating Omed-omedan:

As stated before, this unique tradition Omed-omedan in Bali, Indonesia is held once a year. This tradition is not held just hugging and kissing. However, there are some steps to do. Firstly, there is a certain ritual to do. Then, Barong bakung dancing is performed to recall the incident of two pigs that fought one another. 

History of Omed Omedan Kissing Festival
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After that, the people are divided into two groups: first group consists of young men, and the second group consists of young girls. Both group line up face to face. Then, two people, man and girl, will be selected alternately, lifted up, and paraded in the front position. 

After that, they hug and kiss one another. When they do so, each group will pull to separate one another. If they cannot be separated, they will be flushed with water. 

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