Popular Tourist Destination In Bogor

Bogor, one of the exotic city in West Java, can be your great choice in holiday. You can spend the good times in this raining city. To find out this list, you need to check this article out.

Bogor Botanical Gardens

This spot is one of the most iconic and interesting tourist destination in Bogor. Bogor botanical garden with 80-hectare area is the one of the oldest botanical garden in Asia. 

Popular Tourist Destination In Bogor
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In this place, you can see and learn thousand species of flora from Indonesia and other countries. You should discover the entire garden to see how large and diverse the population of flora in here. You can choose to use bicycle as well if you want to.  

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With the refreshing weather and enjoyable place, you will spend much time in this large garden. You can also see some deer which live naturally around this garden. Bogor botanical garden has the easy access from different kind of transportation modes, so it will not be a big deal to reach this beautiful garden from anywhere.
Safari Park

This is another popular tourist attraction in Bogor. Safari park is located in Cisarua with the cool ambience and also great hill view. This place has attracted so many people from Bogor, Jakarta and other areas in Indonesia. 

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In this safari park, you can see bunch of animals that live in this mini jungle from very close distance. If you're bringing your own car, you can enter the animal area with your own car. However, you still can choose to take a bus to see how the animals live in this park. 

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If you want the different sensation, you can try Night Safari. So you'll be entering these animals' habitat at night. It must be interesting and unique to see what these animals do at night. Safari park also offers you the other enjoyable spots, such as animal attractions or shows, mini amusement park and great resorts. 

It's recommended for you to spend at least 2 days to explore this place since it has relaxing weather and beautiful scenery.

Agricultural Tourism

Bogor is also well known for its agricultural tourism. There're some tourist destinations in here that offer agricultural tours. One of the recommended place of agricultural tourism is Mount Mas. In this place, you will visit the natural green tea garden. By taking the tour, you will see the activities of green tea picker. 

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You can also learn how this tea is going to be proceed. You can ride a horse in strolling around this tea garden. By taking horse, you can enjoy the large trees, beautiful scenery and of course really fresh air. Fortunately, this place can be accessed easily from center city of Bogor or from Jakarta.

Camping at Mount Pancar

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This is one of the most happening interesting tourist destination in Bogor. If you plan to do picnic or camping with your beloved family or friends, Mount Pancar can be the great choice for you. You can try many fun activities here like camping, hiking, cycling and riding horses. 

Tourist Destination In Bogor
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If you want to get relaxing feeling, you can their natural hot bathing. You can surely take a bath with the view of amazing pine trees jungle. This trip will definitely make you feel happier and fresher.

You can see that there’re many other places in Bogor you can visit. Since Bogor is near enough from Jakarta, you can easily visit those places above.