Popular Tourist Destination In Semarang

Semarang is one of the largest city in Indonesia. As the capital city of Center Java, Semarang plays such an important role in the Java Island and Indonesia in general. In the other hand, Semarang also can offer you with the amazing trip experiences. 

There're various popular tourist destination in Semarang. You can find the historical architecture, beautiful scenery and so many delicious foods. To know more about this big city, you can read the article below

Lawang Sewu

Popular Tourist Destination In Semarang
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Lawang sewu is one of the most popular and interesting tourist destination in Semarang. Lawang sewu means 1 hundred doors in Javanese Language. This building is named so since it has so many doors and large windows which look like door. 

However, the doors in Lawang Sewu don't reach the actual number of a hundred. Lawang sewu will give you an old building view from colonial stage. Its old-fashioned architecture makes Lawang sewu as both the historical and unique building.  Lawang sewu previously was made as the office for Netherland’s private train company. 

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In the colonial stage, the basement of this building is used as prison as well. This makes Lawang Sewu famous for its magical attraction. There're some scary spots inside this building. 

Lawang sewu has been used as the setting of many horror TV programs. It's believed also that there're many people killed in this place during the war period. If you want the unique pleasure in your trip, Lawang sewu can be your great choice.
Culinary Visit

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Culinary can be your next interesting tourist destination in Semarang. Semarang's foods are one the tastiest food in Indonesia. The first and mandatory cuisine you need to taste is Lumpia Semarang. This authentic Semarang food has both sour and sweet flavor that blend perfectly. You can get the crunchy texture from its rebung. 

Another authentic food from Semarang is Tahu Pong. This basically the crispy fried tofu with petis sauce. This dish is better served hot with egg and shrimp as the complementary dishes. You can find other tasty foods in Semarang like Tahu Bakso (meatball tofu), Bandeng, wingko babat, and many more.

The Great Mosque of Central Java

The great mosque of central java is the next great choice for spending your time in Semarang. This place has been commonly known as the interesting tourist destination in Semarang. Great mosque of central java was opened for public in 2006. With the 10-hectare area, this large mosque can carry up to 16 thousand Muslims. 

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You will see such a mesmerizing view of authentic Javanese architecture with the mix of Islamic and European style. 

Fortunately, you can also visit the exciting museum inside this building. In this museum, you will learn much about Islamic culture, especially how Islam emerged in Indonesia a long time ago. You should also visit its famous Al Husna tower with the 99 m height. 

You can see the great view of Semarang city on the top of this tower. There is also the comfy restaurant where you can relax yourself with the amazing view of Semarang city

Umbul Sidomukti

If you prefer to see the natural scenery, you can choose umbul sidomukti. This place has become one of the most favorite holiday destination for many families. 

Umbul sidomukti is basically nature tourism with the famous large natural pool. In this spot, you can swim with the amazing view of mount. Ungaran. With the fresh weather, you can surely relax and refresh your mind here. 

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You can also try your adrenaline in its popular flying fox facility on the hill of Ungaran. This is said as the highest flying fox spot in Indonesia. With the mesmerizing view of mountain, this spot will give such a remarkable experience for you. If you want another challenge, you can try to take nature adventure using ATV.

Actually, you can find other interesting tourist destination in Semarang, like Semarang’s old city, Jamu Nyonya Meneer Museum, Johar Market and many more. With these amazing places, Semarang can serve you as the great trip option.