Simple Morning Skin Care Tips For a Beautiful You

Your day can be determined by what you do on the morning. For women, morning skin treatment can be very crucial to get the perfect beauty in the all day. There’re actually things you can do to make your skin and body prettier on the morning. In this article, I’ll give you top morning care tips to make you more beautiful.

Mineral Water

This point should be included in these 6 simple morning skin care tips for a beautiful you list. You should start your day by consuming a cup of fresh mineral water. This can be one of the simplest beauty tips that can you do in the morning. 

Mineral water is really good to make your skin healthy. As an addition, you can wash your face with the cold water. Having the proper amount of water in your body is the key to get the healthy body and beautiful skin. This way has been used by many women around the world, including pretty Korean women.

Simple Morning Skin Care Tips For a Beautiful You


Honey can be used as the simple option for your beauty care. You just need to apply honey to your face and give your face the gentle pressure. This can be done for about 15 minutes. 

If your face has been full of honey, you can add lemon to your face until your face becomes dry. Then, you can wash your face until clean. Honey consists of high protein that will keep your face glowing. That’s why honey is very popular to be used as beauty care. 

Green Tea

Green tea is the next simple and natural beauty care that can you use in the morning. Green tea has the high anti-oxidant level which is in the same level with some beneficial fruits like tomato, apple and orange. You can drink a cup of green tea to get the relaxing feeling for your body. As a beauty care, you can wash your face with the green tea. 

Green tea is believed to refresh your face and erase the acnes in your face. The anti-oxidant contained in green tea can delay the early aging and the infection in your skin caused by acnes. Japanese women have proven this product since a long time ago. Japanese women also believe that green tea can make their face whiter. 

Coconut Water

Yes, you can also use coconut water to wash your face. The high amount of nutrient contained in the coconut water can help you to erase the black spots in your face. Coconut water can also make your face more glowing.
simple morning skin care tips


Milk can be used as a natural beauty product in the morning. You can use milk for washing your face every day. If you do this routinely, you can probably get the healthy and glowing face. 


This tasty fruit can help you to erase the wrinkles in your face. Applying strawberry in your face routinely can make your face smoother and cleaner.

These 6 "simple morning skin care tips" for a beautiful you can be easily done by any woman at home. The materials used in this article are relatively easy to be found in the market. The key to get the beautiful face and great body is by having the healthy lifestyle.