The Effective Way to Treat Keloid Using Tea Tree Oil

Having keloid can bother you in doing your activity. Of course it has no dangerous side. However, it really bothers you because by having keloid, you will feel itchy. Keloid is caused by the fiber skin which grows in abnormal way. 

There are some methods used to treat keloid. For rich people, they tend to use operation, laser, or injections treatment. Of course, those methods need much money. It is better for you to use natural ways to treat keloid. There are some advantages you get when you use the natural ways. 

First, you can save your money. Second, the natural is safe. There is no bad side effect when you use the natural ways. One of the effective natural ways used in treating keloid is tea tree oil. What is it? It is extracted from the plant of Melaleuca Alternifolia Ayau which is known as narrow-leaved tea tree. 

Firstly, this plant was used as blend of herbal medicine. This blend was used to treat cough, fever, and to prevent the infection of the wounds in the skin. In other word, it is a good choice to take tea tree oil to teat keloid

The Effective Way to Treat Keloid Using Tea Tree Oil

Step in Treating Keloid Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is very effective to treat keloid. This oil is taken from the natural source or ingredient that is grown originally to maintain its natural content. Then, it is taken carefully and distilled with evaporation to produce the pure oil. 

In other words, tea tree oil is very appropriate to be used to treat keloid, especially keloid. There are some steps you can do I order to tear keloid using tea tree oil. First, take tree oil. Make sure you do not take this oil excessively. Take as much as possible related to keloid scar you have. 

Second, you rub tea tree oil on keloid scar. The area of keloid scar should be rubbed with the tea tree oil appropriately. Third, do it three times a day. There are three good times you can use the tea tree oil to tear keloid scar: in the morning, day, and night. 

It is ok if you want to use this oil for treating keloid scar just once a day. You can use in the night before you sleep. However, to get the maximal result, it is better for you to use tea tree oil three times a day. 
Tea tree oil is very effective to treat keloid

Other Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

As stated before, it is appropriate to use tea tree oil in treating keloid. Actually you can use this oil to treat other skin problems. First, people who face the acne problem can use tea tree oil because this oil can purify and anti-bacterial. 

Second, tea tree oil is very appropriate to solve problem about oily skin. Third, the content of organic oil in tea tree oil helps the skin to keep healthy and fresh. 

Moreover, tea tree oil contains the natural oil which is able to kill bacteria. It is also antiseptic and helps to prevent the infection. Therefore, the problem related to the skin will be solved by using tea tree oil.