The Historical Story of Leak In Bali

Leak and Bali are two things that cannot be separated. Leak is a mystical side of people in Bali. What is Leak actually? It is described as spirits having the terrible form. Actually talking about Leak in Bali is something prohibited. Someone who has the ability about Leak cannot be asked to talk about Leak. 

In other words, it is prohibited to talk about Leak t someone we do know well in Bali because it is taboo. The famous story of Leak in Bali is related to two names. They are Rangda and Celuluk. Rangda is the leader of Leak. His has very scary face. He has a face with bulging eyes, long canine teeth, and tongue sticking to the feet. He usually brings the white cloth in his hand. 

He usually comes up in the Pura Dale. On the certain day, he will come up, and if someone sees Rangda, he or she will be sick for three days. Someone who touch the white cloth of Rangda will die. It is told that if someone sees Rangda, it is better for him or her to run fast to the far place. 

If he or she is lucky, he or she will live longer. Moreover, Celuluk is the followers of Rangda. The characteristic of Celuluk is that he has hollow eyes, big teeth, and bald. Although he has scary face, he cannot kill people. 

The History of Leak

The historical story of Leak in Bali was started during the reign of Airlangga. In East Java, there was a widow named Dayu Datu from Girah village. This village was located in the coastal area of Kediri Kingdom. 

The Historical Story of Leak In Bali

She was very strong and invulnerable. Then, she was known as Calon arang. She was the first person who writes Pangleakan witchcraft. She wrote all ability in witchcraft in a book and by her followers, it was Calonarang book. Then, Empu Bharadah was able to defeat her and kill her so that her witchcraft was not widespread. However, her followers were not killed so that they could flee to Bali. 

Finally they preserved the witchcraft which is taught by their teacher, Dayu Datu, in Bali. They also tried to write what they had memorized and understood about Calonarang book. However, they could not memorize all Calonarang book. They just wrote a half of Calonarang book.  
The Levels of Leak

There are three levels of Leak in Bali. These levels can be known from the form when becoming Leak. The first is the basic level. In this level, Leak can identified in form of animals such as pig, monkey, goat, dog, etc. the second is the middle level. It can be identified in the form of birds which can fly. 

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These birds are very dangerous because they have poisonous claws and there is fire in their eyes. The third is the highest level of Leak. In this level, Leak can be Bade. It is tower to bring the corpse that has twenty one steps. The tower is full of fire.