The Sacred Yogyakarta Keraton

Yogyakarta is the magnificent city with so many great stories. One of the most iconic place in this city is Yogyakarta’s Keraton. This is the main symbol of the great culture of Jogja and Javanese people in general. 

This keraton is located in the very center city of Jogja. You can create such a straight line between Mount Merapi, Kidul Sea and Yogyakarta’s Keraton in the center. Yogyakarta is the last standing kingdom in the Java land. 

Great Architecture

In this amazing Yogyakarta Keraton, you can see the great and authentic Javanese architecture. The popular Joglo’s buildings are mixed with the beautiful Arabic ornaments in each palace’s corner. The pillars stand strongly that show the greatness of Yogyakarta’s Keraton as the remarkable kingdom in Java Land. 

The Sacred Yogyakarta Keraton
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You can learn the old-fashioned Javanese architecture which greatly preserved by this Palace’s family. There’re some relics that can show you how the royal kingdom family lives in that era. It’s always exciting and beneficial to know how the people from the past do the daily activities. 

Amazing Attractions

Keraton of Jogja is also popular for its memorable attractions like traditional dances and wayang performance. You should watch the dance performance by professionals here. This is one of the most sacred and beautiful dance performance you can find in Java. 

By watching their dance, you can learn about Javanese history, legend and culture, like the famous Ramayana and Babad Jawa legend. The music of Javanese Gamelan also perfectly blends with the dance. The traditional and authentic sounds from Gamelan can bring you back to the Javanese kingdom stage long time ago. 

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Wayang Orang is another great attraction that you need to watch in Yogjakarta’s Keraton. This is basically Javanese theatrical show that takes place in the Pendopo area in Keraton. This drama commonly talks about Javanese historical stories and popular urban legends. 

Just like dancing performance, this ‘Wayang Orang’ is well-played by Javanese traditional artist. Such a great combination to learn history and culture from the enjoyable performance.
How to get there?

It’s so easy to get to this place since Yogyakarta’s keraton is located in the center city of Jogja. If you come from Semarang or Wonosobo Area, you can take the Ungaran-Ambarawa-Magelang- St. Magelang jogja –Jombor Bus Station – St. Diponegoro – St. Mangkubumi – St. Malioboro – St. Ahmad Yani – St. Senopati – St. Brigjend Katamso – St. Ibu Roswo – St. William – St. Kesatriyan – Yogyakarta’s Keraton route. 

visit in yogyakarta keraton
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If you come from Solo or Klaten, you can the similar route like I’ve mentioned above. Actually streets in Yogyakarta is really helpful to guide you to this great place. You just need to pay 10.000 to enter this amazing Yogyakarta’s Keraton. 

The best time to visit this place is before 09 am. If you can come here that early, you’ll watch the amazing Serimpi dance which are performed by great artists. 

As a conclusion, as an Indonesian, especially Javanese people, "visiting the Yogyakarta Keraton" will give you much knowledge about history and culture. So if you’re in Jogja, visiting Yogyakarta’s Keraton should be your mandatory activity.