Top 10 City in Indonesia with Beautiful Women

Indonesia is not only popular for its amazing tourist destination, but also for its beautiful women. Indonesia as the nation with the largest ethnic group and cultures, will offer various definitions of beautiful women. So here is list of top 10 city in Indonesia with beautiful women.

Manado, North Sulawesi Indonesia

Top 10 City in Indonesia with Beautiful Women

Do you like Julie Estelle Gasnier, the former Alicia (The Hammer Girl) in The Raid 2 'Berandal' series? If you like her, i bet that you'll like other beautiful girls from Manado. 

Located in the northern Sulawesi, this city is not only famous for its beautiful Bunaken, but also the beauty of its women. Manado women mostly have white skin. They have the Philippine-like face. With the slim posture, Manado women will never disappoint you.


Bandung is the beautiful city with never ending story. You can find Bandung to refresh your mind and search for your soul. There're many reasons why you always want to visit this city. You can go here to see the great scenery, like white crater and mount Tangkuban. Or you can visit its various and fun thematic parks which spread around Bandung city. 

One thing sure, you can visit Bandung for its beautiful girl. It's like a mandatory thing to add Bandung women in top 10 city in Indonesia with beautiful women. They have the clean and smooth skin with the very sweet authentic Bandung face. Aura Kasih is the popular beautiful face of Bandung.

Yogyakarta (Jogja)

This historical city will also offer you with the authentic Javanese-type beauty. With the culture that well-preserved by Yogyakarta citizen, you can find Jogja women as the true representative of Javanese beauty. 

Women in Jogja are mostly brown-skinned. They have great weapon called sweet smile. And the hospitality of Jogja's women are the best part of Jogja's women. You can see the great example of Jogja's women in Artika Sari Devi (former Putri Indonesia).

Aceh also should be included in the list of top 10 city in Indonesia with beautiful women. Their Arabic-like face always gives you the great impression. They're also have pointed nose and beautiful eyes. Cut Tari is the good example as a beautiful woman from Aceh.


Who doesn’t know the beautiful Nadya Hutagalung? This Asia's next top models' former judge is the great representative of beautiful women from Medan. You can see the unique face and good personality of Medan women from different ethnics. 

Besides Nadya, you can see Annisa Pohan, Duma Riris Silalahi, Marissa Nasution as the examples of Bataknese women. Or you want the melayu women just like the beautiful Raline Syah? You can find women like them in Medan. Not only beautiful, medan women are also popular for their great strength.

Dayak, Kalimantan

Kalimantan is the next city that should be included in this top 10 city in Indonesia with beautiful women list. They mostly have white skin with fresh face. If you like pretty women with slim body and white skin, you can obviously find it in Kalimantan Barat (Pontianak), Kalimantan Timur (Samarinda), Kalimantan Selatan (Banjarmasin) and Kalimantan Tengah (Palangka Raya).

Bali "Balinese Women"

Bali, the island of god, has everything to be the most livable place in the world. You can find many beautiful beaches and other natural scenery. Plus, there're many beautiful women live here. You can visit Denpasar, capital city of Bali, for seeing the true beauty of Bali women. Ida Ayu Kadek Devi is the good example as a beautiful woman from Bali.

They mostly still preserve their culture and do ethnic traditions. At the same time, they're also smart and open-minded. If you like to make trip to Bali, it's okay for you to search Bali girls for your future wife. As a city with the largest population, you can easily find beautiful women in Jakarta. 

There're so many people from different ethnic background living here. Jakarta's women are represented as the smart, tough and modern women. So you can find many different definitions of beauty from this city. 


Lombok should be included top 10 city in Indonesia with beautiful women. Lombok girls can also blow your mind. These lombok women blend perfectly with the beautiful beaches. They have really good hospitality and of course sweet smile. 


Indonesia with Beautiful Women

There're some beautiful places in Indonesia which are equipped with the beautiful girls. One of them is Jakarta, The Capital City of The Indonesian Republik. In Jakarta, you can visit many interesting tourist destinations and find many beautiful girls. They mostly have the good attitude with the beautiful Melayu, Latin, Chinese, mix face and different ethnics .


The capital city of East Java also can offer you with the beautiful women. As a second biggest city in Indonesia, there’re different kind of women you can find here. You can see the young energetic woman or elegant women here. You can see the great example of Jogja's women in Ashanty.

This top 10 city in Indonesia with beautiful women list is very personal using the writer's personal preference. Actually every city in Indonesia has the beautiful women with its uniqueness. They will look beautiful in many different perspectives. I do believe that every Indonesian women is beautiful because they have the true beauty of Indonesia which is called hospitality.