Basic Diet Plan, Cengceremen

Diet is as important as building muscles, losing weight, and fat loss. One should take proper diet to build the inner strength and make the body more powerful with its immune system. In today’s world gaining weight has become the biggest problem in today’s generation. As almost every second person is gaining weight, it has become a big damn headache to all. 

Even people who are NOT gaining weight getting worried about their tomorrows. Everyone is rushing towards dramatic weight loss programs and dieting, exercises, medications or pills intake for losing the last pounds and still not losing weight as dreamt.

But research says, NOTHING IS MORE EFFECTIVE THAN A PROPER DIET. So a person wants to build muscles or want to stay fit and strong, should first take a serious look on his/her everyday diet.

A proper healthy diet should contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, low-fats, dietary fibers, adequate calcium, soluble acids and plenty of fluids.

Basic Diet Plan

Before thinking of losing weight and building muscles always keep these points at your finger tips:
  • Fasting regulates low calorie diet which finally leads your system to get used to it and your weight remains same
  • Low carbohydrates diet will give you a punch back to the calories everyday you burn and finally will make you weak from inside
  • Only low fat diets do not work.
  • Foods are better than Pills

Basic Diet Plan

If you are still not sure from where you will get proper complete diet, then read below:
  • Green Tea which is natural diuretic and an anti-oxidant is extremely good and gives strength to your body
  • Green veggies broccoli which is anti-cancer and anti-estrogen, cabbages, green-pea, papaya which has more iron and good for liver, drumsticks anti-pox agent, and other Veggies like Tomato contains an anti-cancer, Carrot in huge vitamin A, Potato , gives supportive strength and stronger your immune system.
  • Fresh Salads are always good and healthy having least fat
  • Fruits (seasonal) like apples the strongest antioxidant, oranges with high vitamin C, banana with iron and provides strength, berries an antioxidant anti cancer agent are very good as diet
  • Fibers like oats are good for any season any person any time and which leads to good digestion process
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Meat mostly white meat with low fatty acid and less red meat
  • Dry Fruits like nuts, almonds are full of healthy calories
  • Natural Butter like almond butter is good for everyone
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Plenty of water is a must for everyone as water keeps your system clean and intake water frequently will keep you out of many diseases like kidney diseases, heart diseases, urinary diseases, stomach aches and many more.
"So have healthy diet and build muscles and stay healthy"